A New Day


A New Day Lyrics ft. Muhammad Shah Nur

In the midst of this journey
Along this one way track
Do you recognise that face at all?
In the mirror staring back

It’s the deepest of fears
When you don’t know yourself
Make a prayer for the future now
Be brave and don’t lose hope

Allah is giving you
A heartbeat that is new
Another day in your life
Is full of mercies in disguise

Allah is giving you
A heartbeat oh, so new
When the night seems just too long
The brightest dawn will come

Your suitcase filled with pain
You travel coast to coast
The ones who are most dear to Him
Allah will test the most

He’s with you all the way (with His knowledge)
His help is by your side
No problem is too big my friend
You’ll soar above the tides


The leader of all Prophets
Muhammad (saws) was sent to us
In the darkest of ages
He filled this world with love

With the cloak upon his shoulders
He wrapped this universe
He is the greatest of hopes
A mercy to us all

Written by Sister Qudsiyya

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