A Time to Please Allah


A Time to Please Allah Lyrics

A time to please Allah
A chance to gain reward
I will spend on you He says
On all who spend in good cause

Strive to attain the garden
You can surely pave your way
When you give in Sadaqah for Allah
No matter what comes your way

Purify your wealth
Come to the aid of those in need
Allah’s Rahmah draws closer
With each and every good deed


Good deeds are opportunities
Sparkling bright and true
Raising you in the sight of Allah
And adorning al-Jannah for you

So rush to earn His reward
Don’t forget the oppressed
And when you go to sleep at night
Know you are amongst the blessed


Think of those below you
The widowed and orphaned child
Allah please aid us to aid others
And turn their tears to smiles

The cries of the needy fill the air
Whilst their dark days are filled with despair
Oh Ummah, is anybody there
To help ease the pain and to care?


Written by Sister Sumayya

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