Allahu Lyrics ft.Yousuf & Coskun

As I look to nature’s beauty dazzled am I
Knowing everything calls on you, the Most High

Allah is the One who has guided us
Through Him we become dignified

You shower Your Mercy upon us
You fill our garments with Your Blessings

Who is the most powerful and the Most Gracious?
Who hears our prayers and gives us help? (in our time of need)

You have created this beautiful Earth
Mankind, the animals, the birds, the seas and the rivers

Only You O Allah we worship
Only from You we seek help

Turkish (to be added):
Know, that every human will taste death.
The final return is only to Him. (Allah)

O Lord You are the only One whom I serve
I turn to You with a heart full of love

These palm trees and mountains mention Your name while they supplicate to You
You are the keeper of all secrets in our hearts
Written by Labbayk, Yousuf & Coskun

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