Ask Him


Ask Him Lyrics

Gather your hands together
And send your prayers away
Whisper your utmost love to Allah
And Ask Him what you may

Fill His remembrance in your heart
And your eyes and your ears
And your mind, your soul, and your tears


Seal Him in your thoughts
In your words and your fears
In your silent nights, for He hears


Feel His grace around you
From above you and within you
To every deed from your being
That you carry through


Make mention of His name
In every breath, every word
For through His remembrance is the highest reward


Rise up in the night
Purified and awake
Weep and flow your tears for His sake

Written by Sister Sahar Syed, edited by Mujahid ul-Haq & Labbayk

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1 thought on “Ask Him”

  1. asalum u alikum dear sami , i love u’r voice and especially u’r songs that it related to islamic
    type bro , may ALLAH bless you and could u plz a song for a mujahedeen or al qaeda or taliban
    plz that they should stop the fighting in islamic countries especially in afghanistan bro iam also
    an afghani iam preeching the people right here so if u say or sing any thing in a english or arabic subtitle plzbro that they should stop
    fighting that should be so good because in this war my innocent people are dying evry day bro plz man .
    u’r fun mohammad nadir faqiry from kabul afghanistan…………………………


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