Celebrations Lyrics

Peace in the sky
Love and affection
Spirits are high

A pair are today husband and wife
Completing a Sunnah as a way of life
O Allah bless them with endless mercy
Bestow upon them Your tranquillity


Joy and happiness spread over the land
The couple come together hand in hand
With the command and will of Allah
And the actions of Rasulullah (saws)


A match made in heaven today on earth
Decreed by Allah before your birth
The children are smiling overjoyed with glee
And people rejoice with Allah’s blessings


Barakllahu Laka, wa Baraka ‘alayka, wa jama’a bayna kuma fi khayr
wa jama’a bayna kuma fi khayr
wa jama’a bayna kuma fi khayr


Written by brother Mujib Abdur Rahman

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