Day of Eid


Day of Eid Lyrics ft. Muhammad Shah Nur

It’s the day of Eid celebrate and see
The ummah together as family
It’s the day eid celebrate and see
The sunnah of our Beloved Nabi (saws)

We rush out of bed
To pray together
With hugs and salaam
We greet each other

The children rejoice
With gifts all around
Happy, content
Their joy has no bounds


We cast our eyes,
To the heavens above
For the blessings and mercy
Showered on us

Whoever you are
Wherever you’re from
Can you ever deny
The beauty of Allah


There’s always a reason
To bring out a smile
So share in the love
With those by your side

It’s time to forgive
It’s time to forget
So fill up your day
With joy and delight


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