Every Morning Lyrics

Every morning I wake up and see
The splendour of Allah’s beauty
The sky at dawn, the silent trees
Praise be to Him Supreme is He.

As I set to start my day
I think of Allah and I pray
His blessings are with me always
Praise be to Him Most Kind is He.


The land, the mountains and the seas
all creatures, ants, birds and the bees
glorify Him so shouldn’t we?
Praise be to Him-The King is He.


For our deen, let’s work hard
It-can be easy if we start
Allah knows what’s in our hearts
Praise be to Him The Judge is He.


Bring a smile to someones face
race to help and save the day
try to find kind words to say
Praise be to Him the Light is He.

Written by Sister Qudsiyya

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