Imagine A Day


Imagine A Day Lyrics

Imagine a day, moving our way
suffice to say, we’re not here to stay
The games we play, the fuss we make
The reason for living is made clear that day

The angels stand, with no demands
‘coz they understand, Judgement’s hand
Not a soul will speak, ‘coz they are weak
Before the true authority

La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah

Now in this state, we’re ready to make
Our grovelling apologies
Before the Lord, true sight restored
So we can see what we horde

Where is the hope, where is the rope
That we need to climb this catastrophic slope
We need to hear and we need to see
The blessed words Ya Ummati


Take account of yourself, before it’s too late
Before the end of the line, you’re given fate
In this respite, before you die
Question why your deeds are nigh

Where is fear, where are the tears
That we need to show to the One who hears
You stand here now, and you say you believe
But I ask you this, where are your deeds


Written by Muhammad Islam

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