LabbaykAllah Lyrics

The greatest season, of all assembling
To journey and purify their souls
All the people from all nations
Gather in one place from around the world

LabbaykAllah Humma Labbayk
Labbayk la sharika laka Labbayk
Innal hamda wan-ni’mata
Laka wal mulk la sharikalak

There’s no distinction a king a poor man
Before their Lord now all stand side by side
Two pieces of cloth are seen as honour
For today all will be dressed in white.


The camps of Mina, the plains of ‘Arafah
With every step there’s a meaning sublime
Muzdalifah, they’ll never feel more home
With the sky as their roof for tonight.


All follow closely, Hajar Ibrahim
It’s a tale that took place long ago.
Had they both then known, Allah loved it so
To see this journey re-lived and be told


The place where Adam and Eve descended
The first spot chosen on earth, mankind
All hearts connected each one reflecting
We have the same roots, same cause you and I


Make supplications take with you patience
Mostly you keep love within you alive
Tawaf of Ka’bah, the whole experience
You’ll yearn to go back again in your life


Written by Sister Qudsiyya

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