Let You Know


Let You Know Lyrics

I wanna let you know, how much i love you so
Till the day I die, I’ll never let you go.

Oh I hide my tears when i say your name
but the pain in my heart will always remain
Although sometimes I may seem care free
but there’s no one in this world who loves you more than me


Every moment i spend with you, I never wanna lose
you’ll always be in my heart, because it’s you I’d rather choose
I only want you oh, oh you were made for me
because you’re the one that i love, and that’s how it will be


Every step I take, I’ll always be there with you
when I had my bad days, you always helped me through
Something new everyday that’s what you taught me
and now I’ve fallen in love with you, it’s just plain to see


Oh this has come to the point, where I’ve fallen deep for you
this the true story of my love and I wanna share with you
So just understand the way, how easily I fell in love
the one i fell in love with is, AL-Quran from above


Written by Mahdud

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