Open Your Eyes


Open Your Eyes Lyrics

Open your eyes to the world of today
believe not the lies that they always say
look for the truth and swallow your pride
for things you thought that didn’t exist
that you might find

Know that we are living in our homes
whilst children die
know that we have all that we need
whilst the orphans cry
sustenance and security, they are deprived
in oppression and in poverty
they must survive

La ilaa ha ilallah
Muhammadur Rasulullah

Realise the cry realise the fear
of all the wise and those that shed a tear
innocent they are no crimes have they commit
for them to be cut to pieces bit by bit
know that we are living in harmony
whilst they are casualties of war
know that we , you can say are oppression free
whilst there is oppression to the poor
the shame and pain they must go through seems unbearable
the tyrants of this modern world they are so terrible

La ilaa ha ilallah
Muhammadur Rasulullah

Written by Muhammad Islam

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