Palestine Lyrics

Filistin, Filistin, Filistin, Filistin
Filistin, Filistin, Filistin, Filistin
Palestine, Palestine, Oh Palestine
on your land Allah placed great signs
though the world sees your scars and hears your cries
Allah is your guard somehow you’ll survive.

On that blessed night our Prophet’s journey
when all Prophets arrived there miraculously
in the mosque al-Aqsa Allah chose thee
You’re blessed that your land was touched by their feet.


A history so great have we forgot
All faiths lived together in peace did they not?
together they lived for the sake of God
a time you were held much sacred at heart.

When I look to the people around me today
there’s freedom of speech yet they’re afraid
it saddens my heart that it is this way
can’t we stand for justice? I feel ashamed.


We convey oh oppressed ones wherever you are
we’re with you right now, you’re in our duas
may the lost souls be among the Shuhada
may your loved ones have reached their place in jannah

The violence continues, bloodshed on streets
children are dying now as we speak
we pray for the guidance of your enemies
we pray for your homeland, you will be free

Written by Sister Qudsiyya

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