Rabbana Lyrics

Rabbana Ya Rabbana
Rabbana Ya Rabbana

O Allah You are The Greatest, nothing can compare to You
Giving, Loving Merciful Lord, All praise is due to You


O my Lord I raise my hands, supplicating love to You
Grant me in the afterlife, the glory of seeing You


O The One who gives and takes, give us all that is good
Allow us to fulfil our aims and gain reward in all we do


O Allah I turn to You, in my times of need and joy
Truly You know everything, make my worries be no more


Hai khuda Tumi rohomkorla, nay kew Tumar shoman
Valobasho amaderke, tumi je mohiyan

(O Lord You are The Most Merciful, There is no one like You
You love us, You are The Greatest)

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