Ramadhan Lyrics

Ramadan, Ramadan
Ramadan, Ramadan

The blessed month has dawned upon us
With its Merits and blessings combined
In it the Qur’an was revealed to Muhammad
Peace and blessings be upon his soul


With our Iman being uplifted
From reading the holy Qur’an
And the joy of breaking our fasts everyday
O blessed month of Ramadan


Spirituality in the true essence
Fills our daily lives
With the call of prayer we gather
For the Mercy of Allah we strive


Giving Zakah and Sadaqa
To the ones who are in great need
Helping them to build their lives again
For them happiness let us all bring


Every moment, every breath
We Thank Allah
For giving the month of Ramadan
For Giving Islam as our Deen
Never forget to say

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