The Lord of the Worlds


The Lord of the Worlds Lyrics

Allah is the lord of the heavens and the earth
His power was true before all things and their birth
We are all creations that He created
Nothing goes past Him He is the Exalted

His Power and Might is reality
All that we receive are through His mercy
A leaf does not fall, except of His grace
Trials and tests and all things that we face

Allahu Allahu Allahu Allah
Allahu Allahu Allahu Allah

A day will come, that we will surely see
All life in the earth, including you and me
A day of fear and calamity,
All creation will stand, before the Almighty

None will speak, standing with fright
Aware of the end, close to their sight
Either the gardens of bliss or the fires of hell
It is Allah’s decision that no one can tell


O Ummah today, we are weak and oppressed
But remember, Allah, has allowed this
If you fail in your deeds, and don’t follow Islam
Allah’s wrath will descend upon all of those lands

If you love Allah, you must follow Muhammad
Allah will love you; forgive you, like He has said
Don’t make the world your home in this test
Make it the Heaven of Allah, an end that is best


Written by Mujahid ul-Haq, edited by Labbayk

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