The Path of a Traveller


The Path of a Traveller Lyrics

Dark night in the sky
You cannot see a butterfly
Look through the window realise
All you see is for you and I

In your dreams through the nights
Every moment that passes by
Look to the heavens, hands spread wide
Thanking Allah, the Most High

There is no God but Allah
Muhammad is His Messenger

On the path to travel through life
there’s thorns in your way, sharp as a knife
Turn-to-Allah through every strife
Patience is key to paradise

On this journey, you’ll realise
trials & tests are all part of life
with teary eyes, hands spread wide
you thank Allah, the Most High


In moments when you heave a sigh
through all the stress built up high
ease is near, look for the light
after your troubles will come the smile

You stay strong and do what’s right
The Merciful Lord hears your cries
pray & supplicate through the night
He will hear you The Most Kind


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