Wedding Nasheed


Wedding Nasheed Lyrics

It is a day of so much bliss
In the gathering that we all stand
Under the blue sky we all celebrate
Husband and wife hand-in-hand
There are children cheering
And the birds are chirping
Oh the happiness that fill the air
And the angels descend
Bringing blessings from Allah
That we can feel everywhere

Oh it’s a day of rejoicing
A day of peace, a day when a pair fulfil
Half of their Deen

Let us all spend some time together
Remembering Allah Most High
Let not the evil of Shaytan
Get the better of us in this life
And of the creatures of Allah
We are created the best
On this earth from the rest
Remember Allah always,
In remembering Him
Our hearts will find its rest


Turn wherever you want in life
But never forget the Almighty
Remember He is the-Sustainer
Of you and your family
There may be hardship on your way
Live them content and with patience
No matter how deep they may be
Remember Allah always
In remembering Him
Your hearts will find its peace


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