Close To You


Close To You Lyrics

I’m sitting here on this mountain
I’m thinking about Your creation
It’s so beautiful out here
A symphony of nature
Oh oh, it’s taking my breath away
I’m so blessed out here today

Allahu, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah
I see the sun, the stars, the moon
I join them all in praising You
Allahu, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah
I feel alive and I feel so good
I feel so close, so close to You

Looking out at the ocean
That makes us blue to the Universe
Wish I could see the world from space
SubhanAllah The Creator
Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah
Oh oh, and it’s taking my breath away
I’m so thankful I can say, just say…


And everywhere I look around me
Your creation’s so wonderful
And the more that think about it
Makes me love You even more
How the river finds the way to the valley
Is just so magical
And the way the night turns into day
It’s a miracle!

Oh, I love it!


Lyrics: Paddy Dalton, Maher Zain, Bara Kherigi
Melody: Maher Zain, Moh Denebi
Arrangement: Moh Denebi, Maher Zain

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