Insha Allah


Insha Allah Lyrics | Inshallah Lyrics | Insyallah Lyrics

By: Maher Zain

Everytime you feel like you cannot go on
You feel so lost
That your so alone
All you is see is night
And darkness all around
You feel so helpless
You can’t see which way to go
Don’t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side

Insha Allah x3
Insya Allah you’ll find your way

Everytime you commit one more mistake
You feel you can’t repent
And that its way too late
Your’re so confused, wrong decisions you have made
Haunt your mind and your heart is full of shame

Don’t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side
Insha Allah x3
Insya Allah you’ll find your way
Insha Allah x3
Insya Allah you’ll find your way

Turn to Allah
He’s never far away
Put your trust in Him
Raise your hands and pray

OOO Ya Allah
Guide my steps don’t let me go astray
You’re the only one that showed me the way,
Showed me the way x2
Insyaallah x3
Insya Allah we’ll find the way

Video & Lyrics Information
Artist: Maher Zain
Album: Thank You Allah
Lyrics: Maher Zain & Bara Kherigi
Melody: Maher Zain
Arrangement: Maher Zain & Hamza Namira
Copyright: Awakening Records 2009

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1,017 thoughts on “Insha Allah”

  1. Salam’alaik..(for muslims particularly)..tq for those provide this lyrics..such a meaningful..i luv this song..actually i luv english song very much..since those english songs full of sex etc i started to enjoy another songs genre..i ve been looking nasyeed english song for a long time..tq for Maher Zain as well..

    • salam,yuhuu.. sorry if i disturbing you… may i ask something??? hmmm… you though that you listen insha Allah-maher zain in arabic track.. so, may i know that if you have lyric of it?? i hope you have and please send to my e-mail… urgent.. as soon as possible.. i was search for many time but i didn’t get it… sorry again.. thanks for your help…

  2. this song is so lovely , do u have doubt that after the night their is a morning !!then have faith that when god close 1 door in ur face he will open another ,allah is with us in every breath we take , i love MAHER ZAIN because he make me closer to god , may god bless him and every step he make

  3. do u hv this lyric in version of franch n arabic??
    ii really loveeeeeeeeeee this song..
    the first song i’ve heard from maher zain..n i fall in love with his songs..

    go islam!!!

  4. Salam.

    Thanx for the lyrics! ;)

    A small correction though; In the second verse, it’s

    Everytime you commit one more mistake

    instead of

    Everytime you can make one more mistake

    Hope that makes more sense ^_^

    Thanx a lot though! :)


    • i downloaded his songs at [Hidden by Admin]. just type his name or any particular song then click search.thats how i did it :P
      (i mean,im gona buy the album if i found one)

  5. i first listened to maher zain’s song within last week…. fell in love to his song right after that. very nice lyrics! i feel really nice when listening to his song. but i don’t know where to find more of his song

  6. I cried when i heard that song , how beutiful r the word how beutiful his voice . how much i luv that song . go on Maher zain baraka Allaho feka wa 7afezaka men kole so2

  7. Assalamualaykum’

    We came to listen to your song during our trip to Islamic conference in Canada last month. My family love your songs and are played over and over again in our house and in the car. InshaAllah you will continue to give us beautiful islamic song.May Allahsubhanahutaala give you more strenght to produce beautiful and inspiring islamic song.


  8. Thanks for your nice album, i really liked it..
    I followed the Islamic conference held in Canada, you did well & met everyone’s respect.
    My regards from EGYPT

  9. Salam,

    Wonderful song, ^^..I listen to all Maher’s song and never been so deeply motivated in self believe and to Allah..Keep up with more great songs!
    66 two thumbs up !

  10. Salamaleikum from Poland!!
    Mashallah, beautiful lyrics and lovely music…… What could be better than this..
    Keep up the good work Inshallah!!!

  11. assalamualaikum, from Malaysia..
    about one month ago, i accidently clicked on one of Maher’s song in youtube…
    n Masya-Allah… he’s song was superb… i never hear such a good singer like him before… keep it up Maher! Islam forever!

    • assalamualaikuma.. from Malaysia as well, subahanallah… Maher’s songs, the lyrics, all are very inspiring and beautiful…

  12. salam…

    Subhanalloh, my FB friend from Iraq suggested me to be a fan of maher zain this morning. i immediately googled n downloaded MZ’s video…..AMAZING….this is my 1st time ever enjoying his music…I begin to shift my music preference….Thank You Alloh ^_^

    best regards from Indonesia…..

  13. I happened to know Maher when my brother who just got married last month upload his song “Barakalllahulakuma” and believe it..his voice is just superb!!!and what more important is his awesome lyrics is so “sincere”…O Allah! give Maher more strength to continue this work like Sami Yusuf, Yusuf Islam and many others…

  14. amazaing….
    my heart sense with touching of this words….really2 made me fall in love with strongly perfect melody n words…
    thank you Allah…you are always by my side…

  15. there is a mistake in the line..

    everytime you can make one more mistake???

    actually it is

    everytime you commit one more mistake…

    please do the correction.


  16. A Salam Ou Alaikoum warahmetou Allahi wabaraketouhou

    MashaAllah ya agie Maher you ve got an amazing voice, and you’re lyrics are so good keep on the good work.. (May Allah soubhana wata’ala bless you)
    But It s my duty to tell you that it’s better to let the haram instruments away.. You ve got so an amazing voice you don’t need them!!

    May Allah guide us, and Bless us.. Amien

    Wa Salam ou alaikoum
    greetz from Belgium

  17. excelent song…… may Allah bless u to continue pruduce many more songs to guide moslem around the world…..

    assalamualaikum my brother.

  18. Thank you alot Maher,,, Im so proud of you and you Islamic art which really need loyal people like you,,,

    May Allah bless you,, and we need more Insha Allah,,

    Azhar from Syria

  19. Peace be upon you brother Maher,

    I really appreciates your music.I like it very2 much. May Allah bless us all always with his barakah and rahmah.Ameen

  20. It’s really a wonderful song i loved it so much.
    It’s a prefessional song music,lyrics ..etc.
    Everything is really super.
    Keep it up.
    God help and bless u all.

  21. to ejah,..

    you also can find mp3 nasyeed song by SAMI YUSUF..the lyrics is very touching and we feel so closed with our CREATOR..

  22. Мне очень понравились его песни, их смысл очень успокаивает

    Google Translation: I really liked his songs, their meaning is very soothing

  23. Ma shallah May God be with you in more progress to let Islam be first Insha Allah in keeping one hand (in Dreams) ((((sorry)))!!!

  24. iam likw speach less ,can not even try to describe how maviluose these songs are

    it just lift you up when you are down

    it keeps you hoping for the best whatever the situations are

    thanku great work brother

  25. this song is wonderful!

    if u took a closer look, u'll find that each word have a real meaning. it's not only words that made up just to go along w/eachother, it's… i don't know… i can't discribe it at all. the only thing i can say that it's wonderful and thanks for it.

  26. This song is amaziiiiiing and gives hope when u feel lost and that every thing u do is wrong no matter how hard u r trying …listening to this song really touches me and leave me breathless …. NICE ONE MAHER all songs seems meaningless after listening to your songs ….

  27. a beautiful word of hope, INSHA ALLAHH! yes you will find your way!

    this is the song which penetrated my soul, and it is simply hilarious .. maher is simply the best!


  29. Good I’m Indonesian but I love this song more than other…
    all of your song
    never give up let’s make a dakwah to every angel we step on it.

  30. جزيل الشكر والإمتنان على الجهد المبذول ،،‏‏‏‏ ‏↳‏
    كلمآت أكثر من رائعه ذآت معاني مؤثره والأدآه أضاف لها رونق ..
جزاكم الله خير الجزاء /‏~‏

  31. some corrections as I guess:

    (All you see is night) not (All you is see is night)

    (never lose hope) not (never loose hope )

  32. This song is so much touchable .

    May Allah bless Maher and guide his steps to the right way .

    Make Maher always in your prayers .

  33. ربي يبارك في شبابك يا أخ ماهر …شرفت بلدك لبنان وشرفتنا احنا العرب وشرفت كل المسلمين مزيد من التقدم ,,,سدد الله خطاك ان شاء الله,,,

  34. masya allah…watta touching songs and lyrics…really makes me touched..and motivated me ..thanks maher zain,am proud of u.

  35. as’salam..thanks you for providing this lyric..i really like this song..may allah bless all of us..amin..this song make my heart touching..long time already i’m looking nasyeed english song..thanks to maher zain..your voice so nice..kept it up..let the world know islam is the truth..allah hu akbar..

  36. Assalamualikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

    MashaAllah!!! very nice nasheed… its perfect!! this nasheed, its meaning touch my heart so soo much… reallyyy make me feel more close to Allah (alhamdulillah) May Allah bless you…maher zain inshaAllah :)

    sister in Allah, Thailand

  37. mashallah beutiful nasheed, sometimes i walk alone or i’m in a terrible situation, da 1st thing that comes into my mind is this naat, bcuz this nasheed is soooo touching and it actually gives you more strength, and guides you 2 the straight path. i’m proud of Maher Zain 2day bcuz hes leading many people by reciting these nasheeds, and what more would a muslim person want.
    may allah give Maher Zain a very long life. x :)

  38. love it so much, the lyrics are so beautiful they let us moved, also they can touch our heart and even our soul, may allah all the mighty bless you.

  39. It make me to remember ALLAH and do some thing positive and I hope MAher Zain can make a song that can make all human in this world change to real ISLAM…….

  40. To be frank,Im not listenin much to nasheed coz most of the songs in my Ipod was Metal/Melodic Death or whatever u call it
    But 2 days ago,i felt so helpless..then suddenly a good friend dedicated dis song to me
    I dunno how to decsribe it,but this song brought me peace of mind whenever i listen to it
    I feel so touched when i read at the lyrics
    Its a great song from Maher Zain,thanx for the song..I really appreciate it!
    Dis song lend me strenght whenever Im facing the hardship in life
    Keep up the good work,may Allah bless you and the muslims all over the world
    Btw,happy fasting to all of the muslims!


  41. In one motivational program I attended many years ago, I was asked about a golden dream or an ability I would like to have in future. I said: To write songs that move people closer to Allah.
    Congratulation, Maher. You have just proved that it is impossible to turn such a dream into a reality.

  42. Assalamualaikum. MasyaAllah..This song really touching my heart.. Its makes me always feel peace although have some problems.. keep it up maher Zain… Allah is always by your side.. Thanks Maher Zain..

  43. when i heard this song in youtube really i love it!!!i thought this song just only for the islamic but no,even i am a christian Filipina when i try to listen this song and understand the lyrics wowww its so awesome,its great meaningful love song. Yes! ALLAH IS ALWAYS BY YOUR SIDE & ALLAH BLESS YOU MORE.

  44. mashallah allah e7meeeeeek ya maher ^_^ may allah be with u and bless u for this amazing and touching nasheed .. i love all your nasheeds you are the best keep it up

  45. Praise Allah for giving Maher Zain such a wonderful voice and talent. This song has touched me in so many ways about life. Thanks to the composer,arranger, lyricist and of coz Maher Zain for the delivery. Allah Bless U!

  46. There are some corrections. It’s

    You’re the only one could show me the way.
    Show me the way X3
    Insya Allah X3
    We’ll find our way.

  47. I love this song very much!!! These song can guide every wrong-doers to the right path.The path that is blessed by Allah.Maher Zain,keep writing and singing like this.May Allah blessed all muslims in this world.Amin Ya Rabbal A’lamin…

  48. Masya allah brother Maher Zain.It is wonderful songs.It deeply touch my heart and motivates me to go to straight path.I want to be your fanMay Allah bless you,brother Maher Zain.My family always support you to make beautiful nasyeed.My regards from Malaysia.

  49. Nice lyrics and good songs, great performance and powerful voice, keep it up Maher, please go for more islamice songs to all the people all over the country and let Islam shines in this universe. May allah bless your effort in promoting islamic songs.

  50. when i heard this song,my heart touching…..i like this song very much..come Port Dickson to perform your song…please maher zain..!!

  51. asalmo alykome wa ra7mato allah the God bless him maher had spécial powers it is the gift from the god and I dream and I pray my God to be like him, in artiste at the high art which is the islamic sing

  52. to be honest, i never really like nasyid song before. but this entire album, especially this song stroke me like truck. it’s really amazing to have this song and the album in my playlist. it calm my temper down and give me enlightenment. thank you so much

    • hye hayru.. u no wat.. u re juz the same like me… stimes, my temper is out of my controll.. anyhow,,.whenever i heard diz song, i quickly close my face wif my hands.. regret 4 everything dat ive done… i need ALLAH more than everything… hahhahha, dono y im intrsted wif ur comment here.. hope c u soon..

  53. 1day..i come back late from jalan2 at danau..i turn on my radio..oh my God Allah..this song makes me cry..
    i realize that so many mistake that i've done..i can't sleep,im crying..crying..till Adzan Suboh..i pray to Allah..please me your way..

    • Nur Ain…never lose hope…you will find ur way…just put the trust in Allah and He will guide you though…He will bring the light whenever u in dark…just have a faith in Him and believe in His promises…just like u sometime im crying listening to this song…it was like touching my heart and go deep down to my soul…lets pray that we will be good person…

  54. this is the greatest song i'd ever heard….
    i love this song very much….when i heard this song i know that allah is always by my side…..

  55. For the first time hearing the song, it’s so beautiful and very touch in the deep of my heard personnelly and Honestly, I cried when i heard that song & lyrics (most of their song).

    May Allah guide, and Bless us.. and thank you Maher..Amien

  56. before i listen this song i never like “nasid, muslim song, e.t.c”, i more than like jazz, metal, pop, and R&B music.

    But when i listen this song at the first time song from MQradio indonesia, i love this song.

    This song try bring me to peace.

    I always play this song at breaktime from my activity or bad situation.

    This song make me at ease

    this song remember me about allah when i forget it.

    This song very easy to listening.

    This a perfect song at muslim chart for me

    i hope you can visit to indonesia, my country and sing that song or another song at stage for me and for another fans.

    Im sure allah bless you, amien.

  57. beautiful song and wonderful lyrics…Insha Allah with the blessing from Allah u will express the beautiful of Islam through ur song…

  58. Assalamualaikum.. all the viewers..
    you guys just the same as me..
    I really like the song meher zain sang especially BARAKALLAH..

  59. I like this song….its lovely and perfectly nice. its motivate me during my sad time. the lycrics, the melody, the song is very wonderfull….ALLAH is not far from us…but we offenly forgot the existant of GOD, thats what make us feel so far away…

  60. masya ALLAH… its nice song, when i heard it for the first time, my heart beat hard, and so tought :'(

    thnks maher, ur fans from batam-indo :)

    may ALLAH always blessing us, amin ya Robb

  61. this song make me feel like peace…if i hear this song,i like can feel that Allah always be by my side.although, this song too make me too remember to Allah..thanks so much Maher Zain…I LOVE YOU.. <3

  62. Bagus. Lirik yang menjurus ke arah mengingati Allah. Semoga saudara Maher Zain dilimpahi idea2 yang lebih hebat lagi selepas ini. Bila saya tension lagu2 Maher Zain selalu menemani saya.

  63. I really love to listen this song very frequently..Very nice, touching and…the message in this song , a little bite has changed and remind me to Allah… Make me closer to Him..

  64. insyaallah is the best song that i heard..this song make me feel sad because i always forget to allah..this song make me open my eyes..i love this song 4ever..thank you allah

  65. assalammulaikum….

    u r the best Maher Zain…i love u song especially "InshaAllah" n "For the rest of my life"
    may Allah bless u n all your family…aminn…

    shah – KL, Malaysia-

  66. insyaAllah..we will find our way to live in peace..

    pray for our friend in palestine..

    hope they can move on in miserable..

  67. i love this song very very much!!!

    first time i heard his name,i wondered who’s him actually???


    then my friend ask me to listen to his songs.

    i felt lazy.jadi saya tidak dengarlah lagu dia.

    but when i heard this song at MYDIN,i felt like to cry!!!




  68. Selam.. i LOVE it ! :)

    it gives me a lot of selfconfidence, and i´m gonna sing this song at youtube soon ;) .. hope it will be far as good as his style ! :)


  69. Allah, Thank you for giving such Maher such a beautiful and enthusiastic voice, he has lifted me and my family and this is the type of music that we have been waiting, may everyone in the world hear this song and the whole album. MashaAllah :D

  70. erm … this song is to open hearts … insha allah .. everyone is going to change ..

    If quiet is the right to hear this song …. fuuHHH !!!!!… very best … like very much this song .. can open my heart …. heheheh

  71. this song will make us realize our mistake that we have done………and i hope MAHER ZAIN can be the icon to all islamics in this world……..AMIN.

  72. Masha Allah… The lyric is phenomenal and every time I sing this song, my tears will never miss… Thanks for giving thus lovely and meaningful lyric. Great idea to bring us near to the greater creation which is Allah subhanawaala… insya Allah…

  73. sgt lagu ni..tpi ade lgi yg best..iaitu lagu 'for the rest of my life' maher zain jgak..3 lagu yg saye ske.maher zain.barakallah,for the rest of my life dan insyaallah..salam sye prgi dulu..saye nak berhijrah ke mekah…doakan lah smoga saye selamat tiba ke mekah..amin

  74. encouraging words, healing words, thank you so much !!!
    May Allah bless every Muslimin and Muslimat and especially you Maher Zain for this moving lyrics!
    Allahu Akbar!

  75. This song is full of message and this song remind me to some one special for me…Thankz Maher coz you creat this song to all of as…

  76. Very motivated song that could make people to realize Allah s.w.t is always with them. It is just the matter of the people's believe towards him.

  77. this song is really nice to be heard..the melody n lyric is very great combination and give a lot of meaning……i hope through this way it can encouraged more people to know and learn Islam in the correct path…….good job maher zain…..may Allah bless u………….=)

  78. you are the man who will change the world

    you are not like any other artist

    i can feel your honesty

    so go on with that,only allah will help us

  79. Best lagu ney…
    Hope,sesape yg dengar lagu ney..
    berubah lha ke arah yg lebih baek..
    insyallah,Allah akn m'bantu dan sentesa berada di sisi kita…

  80. i realy like this song.. maher zain i hope u always success..This Song Remind ME my Life way .. i Need find the true way in my life.. time for change myself

  81. felt sad…when hear this song..
    very touching. pray that someone can change me.. n show me the way…
    bcause deep in my heart, I love……….Allah..

  82. the lyric awake me from the dream…

    thanks a lot bro. maher for create "awake" song like this..

    i love all ur song..
    play it almost everyday..

    may Allah bless u n ur wife always…=)

  83. I like this song that makes people melt when I first heard this song, and especially appreciate this song is definitely someone that will feel as though she felt a thrill trying to realize …!

    Thank You Zain Maher, and Work Continues ..

    by: syafm0vic007 | Cyberc0de | i-TOFU (IT-Team Of Fatihul Ulum)

  84. Hi Maher,

    what a beautiful song…may Allah bless u with more ideas so we can hear more beautiful songs from u…Amin..


  85. I likes this song very much,,i repeated so many times without bored..even my small 1 and 1/2 year son love it!..all ur other songs also very good and beautiful..thanks to ur efforts to brings Islam a good pics to all of pple around the world..keep it up!!..may god bless u..

    Lyza from Malaysia :)

  86. A very very nice song. I like all of your songs. I saw you on Malaysia TV singing so beautifully and calm. – From Abang Jainal Abang Sulai, Sabah, Malaysia

  87. i love all the song. I played from 8:00 to 13:00 during drive from Kedah to Kajang (Selangor) (Malaysia). never bored. very good song.

  88. one day,at night,when 1st time listened to this song alone while driving home from work, don't know why,like there is something touching my heart and suddenly tears came out from my eyes.

    all the best to maher zain n all the Muslimin..keep spreading Islam all the world..Takbir..Allah hu Akbar!!

    p/s:enjoy my holiday at my grandparents house,Pulau Langkawai,Kedah,Malaysia while listening to the songs..

    6 Dis 2010

  89. Jazakallahikhairankathira.. maher zain.. this song give me more spirited to survive in my life especially for my future.. syukran.. may you will be more successful one day… :-))

  90. i respect u maher.. ur song it so beautiful.. the lyric.. make me.. i don't know what to say.. when i here this song it juz make me feel so great.. and more thnkful.. i don't feel that i am alone again.. Allah is great..

  91. such a nice song..this is 2nd song dat drop my tears (after Rabbani,Pergi tak Kembali)..this song mke me realize,im very lucky born in Islam,I proud to be islam..but..the saddest part that im doing in whole my life is im lack in solat..nt always remembering Allah. just when im in remember Allah.Everytime listen to this song..i will cry and all my sin that i’ve done will come in my head..1 by 1..i shame with myself evrytime listen to this islam..but i nver show any good example to my wnder he nt islam,and nver believe in islam..Allahuakbar..may Allah give me n my bf hidayah n right way.NIce work Maher Zain.ur song touch me

  92. 1st time hearing da song:
    for me while i’m listening to da song i must also read da lyrics (so dat i can really know da meaning cos i’m not that good in english)
    truly i say that i cried when i’m doing both at da same time..soo meaningful to me bcos i was lost b4..recall back all my sins..masya-Allah, how lost i was..for maher zain from the da’wah that u bring to all of us i want to thank u sooo much..keep up da good work..

    thanks to ALLAH for all that U give to me..all the tears..i hope U will always show me the way

  93. May Alloh always bless u…brother maher every song you've made there is e beuatiful dakwah…let us together run to wihdatul ummah and may all of us be good the true believers of Alloh swt…amiin


  95. thank you allah and thanks to meher zain from me and all muslim and allah bless him because allah say:
    in tansourou allah yansoroukom
    so i wish you all the best meher zain, glory that you wish for your ummah

  96. i love this song…thank you for brother maher zain..may Allah bless you…all your song always make me remember to Allah..thanks again…

  97. salam maher ur inshalla song soooooooo nice with beautyful lyrics .i hav listened 1000 time.v nice DUA I LOVE IT AND REALLY LOVE IT

  98. I just lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee this song …it’s full of hope , peace and love ….10x maher ….allah bless you…
    Allah SHOW us the way …amine


  100. Very touching n meaningful…this song make me feel that i'm not alone in this world..I've Allah in my heart even does my lovely persons was gone forever. Thank u for this song that make me so strong to continue my journey till the end… Love this song very much…

  101. this song very nice…
    this song also can given any lesson learn to any people…
    is not just that,,this song is story about how the people can turn to allah,,,

  102. thanks to allah first cause he has given Mr Maher the inspiration to write thai very interesting and touching song.moreover all the songs of that album are very goooooooood.thank you again

  103. Insya allah, all your songs will lead to all Muslims to love Allah.
    May Allah give our brother, Maher Zain the strength to compose more…

  104. well,we as muslim or muslimah,has to realise that we're not 'somebody '
    allah,is always beside us ,by the way i'm also like this make us like now we are like in fantasy world!
    love allah,love muhammad .


  105. this song always remember meto always repent to god and don’t do any mistake…..

    I’m also sad when i hear this song….


  106. i really like this song..lagu nieyh mengingatkn aku saat aku byk masalah..n tpakse bgtaw kak angkat…n kak angkat kwn aku bg lirik lgu nieyh utk tenangkn adik dye..bnyk kenangan lgu nieyh

  107. Subhaanallah!I love this Song!May allah grant you happiness Maher Zain!Im youre number1 fan!I am a student in high school and i allways listen to ''Allah Hi Allah'' , ''Palestine Will Be Free'' and ''Inshallah'' and all the others!Mashallah!May Allah Grant you jannah Maher Zain!I nshallah!

  108. is a very good song I heard and do not talk about the text is wonderful because I think it is a text that gives hope for life .May Allah reward the work they have done for this song. I hope we meet in Paradise inshalla.

  109. is a very good song and not talk about is the wonderful text is a text that gives hope for life.May Allah reward you for the work they have ber for this song inshalla meet in Paradise mr maher zain

  110. Ya Allah…
    Guide my steps don’t let me go astray…
    You’re the only one that showed me the way…
    Showed me the way …. aaamiiin…

    i love U Maher Zain… ^^

  111. Allah will gimme a chance, Allah will send my happiness back, Allah will send a half of my soul back someday, so I won’t feel sad anymore……..Insya Allah…..