Jannah Lyrics

I know that this life is only finite
The good and the bad times
Will all be left behind
As we make our way through this journey
To the finest place for infinity
Allah don’t deny me
Your Paradise

Jannah, Jannah
(Paradise, Paradise)
It’s all I ever wish for
This life is not eternal
But the next will last for ever
Jannah, Jannah
It’s all I ever wish for
O God please don’t deprive me
A blissful life eternally

Oh how I long for
The moment I see You Allah
And meet Muhammad (pbuh)
With all his companions
In the place no eye has ever seen
Filled with love, peace and tranquility
Don’t deny me Your Paradise


One day all my deeds will be shown in front of You
No one will be beside me, I’ll be standing on my own
Blessing me with Your mercy is all I’m hoping for
O Allah make my wishes come true


Lyrics: Paddy Dalton, Bara Kherigi, Maher Zain
Melody: Maher Zain, Saif Fadhel
Arrangement: Emre Moğulkoç, Maher Zain

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