Medina Lyrics

Medina, Medina
Medinatun Nabi (the city of the Prophet)

In my dreams I make my way to Medina
The home and chosen place
Of our beloved Prophet
Where all I feel is peace
And so much joy around
No better place for me, yeah!

Medina, Medina
Medinatun Nabi (the city of the Prophet)
Medina, Medina
That’s where I want to be
Medina, Medina
Medinatun Nabi
Medina, Medina
That’s where I want to be
Oh, oh, Medina Medina
Oh, oh, Medina Medina

I wake with the morning light in Medina
Everywhere I see blue skies
Set above these mountains
Bright colours fill the streets
A smile on every face
A special place for me, yeah!


Tala’al badru ‘alayna, min thaniyyatil wadaa’
Wajabash shukru ‘alayna, ma da’a lillahi daa’
Ayyuhal mab’uthu fina, ji’ta bil amril mutaa’
Ji’ta sharraftal Medina, marhaban ya khayra daa’
(The full Moon rose over us
From the valley of Wadaa’
And we owe it to show gratefulness
Whenever a caller prays to Allah
O you who were raised amongst us
Coming with the word to be obeyed
You have brought to Medina nobleness
Welcome, best caller to God’s way)


Medina, Medina
Medinatun Nabi

Lyrics: Paddy Dalton, Bara Kherigi, Maher Zain
Melody: Maher Zain, Moh Denebi
Arrangement: Moh Denebi, Maher Zain

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