True Love


True Love Lyrics

Lyrics: Paddy Dalton, Maher Zain, Bara Kherigi
Melody: Maher Zain, Moh Denebi
Arrangement: Moh Denebi, Maher Zain

I long for a world so pure and free
I wish for others all I’d wish for me
To live right, avoiding what is wrong
And focus everyday on the ultimate goal

Forever, what’s in my heart
Is all of the love from Allah

True love, it’s a gift
I will never let go of true love
I will give my body and soul for true love
Everyday in my heart I feel it grow
With true love, oh oh
True love, love, love yeah!

Each day
I’ll extend my hand
Give my all and do whatever I can
For a good life
Of joy and happiness
Everything I do I start in His Name

Forever, what’s in my heart
Is all of the love from Allah


Now raise your hands
And let’s be thankful to Allah
True love!
Let’s forgive each other with all our hearts
True love!
I never knew it would feel so good
Just being true to myself and true to You


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