Ahl Al Bayt


Ahl Al Bayt Lyrics & Translation

Inna fil jannati nahran min laban
Surely, in paradise, is a river of milk

Li `Aliyyin wa Husainin wa Hasan
For Ali, and Hussain, and Hasan

Kullu man kana muhibban lahumu
Whosoever loves them

Kullu man sara `ala darbihimu
Whosoever goes forth upon their path

Yadkhulu ljannata min ghairi hazan
Enters paradise without experiencing any sadness

Hubbu ahlil bayti fardun `indana
Love of the People of the Prophetic Household is incumbent upon us

Wa bi hathal hubbi la nakhshal mihan
And because of this love, we do not fear tribulations

Nasheed Information
Artist: Nader Khan
Album: Take My Hand
Language: Arabic
Songwriter: Popular
Inspiration: Imam Muslim narrates in his Sahih, that Imam Ali said, “By the One Who split the grain (with growth) and created man, the Unlettered Prophet’s promise (Allah bless him and grant him peace) to me is: none shall love me except for a believer and none shall hate me except for a hypocrite.” Shaykh Muhammad Zahid, out of concern that I could be misunderstood, advised me to add the line “Kullu man sara `ala darbihimu” to the song when he first heard me perform it. It took him almost 10 seconds to compose a line that matched the song both in rhythm, and in propriety. This has been the first song that either of my children has ever heard, and today it’s their lullaby of choice.

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