Allahu Lyrics & Translation

Hava khilaf thi, lekin chiragh khub jala
The wind was hostile, but the lantern did burn ever so intensely

Khuda bhi hone ke kya kya sabut deta hai
How wondrously strange are the affirmations that God presents, of His own existence

Tere hi nam se har ibteda hai
From Your name is every beginning

Tere hi nam tak har inteha hai
Unto Your name is every ending

Teri hamd o sana, alhamdu liLlah
To praise You is to say that all praise is for You alone

Ke Tu mere Muhammad ka Khuda hai
You are, after all, the God of Muhammad

Ye zamin jab na thi, ye jahan jab na tha
When this land was not, and neither was this earth

Chand suraj na thay, asman jab na tha
When the moon and the sun were not, and neither was this universe

Raz-e-haq bhi kisi par ayan jab na tha
When the secret of Reality hadn’t yet been bestowed upon anyone

Tab na tha kuch yahan, tha magar Tu hi Tu
Then, there was nothing here, save You

Kawnain ka masjud hai, ma’bud hai Tu
You’re the one prostrated to, and worshipped in both existences

Har shai Teri shahid hai ke mash-hud hai Tu
Every thing attests to Your existence, ergo You are The Witnessed

Har ek ke lab par hai Teri hamd o sana
It’s Your praise and extolling that is on the lips of everyone

Har soz mein, har saaz mein mawjud hai Tu
You are Existent in every rhythm and in every tune

Tu jo har aan nai shaan dikha deta hai
You Who manifests a novel majesty ever so frequently

Dida-e-shawq ko hairan bana deta hai
You thereby bewilder eyes that are anticipating an experience of Your manifestations

Dali dali Teri takhliq ke gun gati hai
Every branch sings the praise of Your creative feat

Patta patta Teri qudrat ka pata deta hai
Every leaf is a sign that points towards Your supreme power

La ilaha Teri shan ya wahdahu
That there isn’t another God is of Your majesty, O Peerless One

Tu khayaal-o-tajassus, Tu hi arzu
It’s but You Who occupy my imagination, my curiosity, my aspiration

Ankh ki roshni, dil ki avaz Tu
You are the light in my eyes, the voice in my heart

Khaliq-e-kul hai Tu, is mein kya guftagu
You are the Creator of every thing, without doubt

Sare alam ko hai Teri hi justaju
The entire universe is busied with it’s seeking of You

Teri jalvagari hai ayan charsu
Your sublime manifestations are evident in all directions

Tha bhi Tu, hai bhi Tu, hoga bhi Tu hi Tu
You were Beginninglessly Eternal then, are Ever Present now, and will forever be Endlessly Eternal


Muhammad Iqbal Naqibi

This qawwali was masterfully delivered time and again by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. It is rendered here more as a song than a pure qawwali. The various tangential improvisations that are expected in a qawwali have been kept to a minimum. I’ve also opted to use an opening verse that was presented in a television rendition by the Indian singer Toshi Sabri.

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