Faslon Ko Takalluf


Faslon Ko Takalluf Lyrics & Translation

Faslon ko takalluf hai hum se agar
If distances prove themselves to be pretentious towards us

Ham bhi bebas nahin, besahara nahin
We are neither helpless, nor are we without support

Khud unhin ko pukarenge hum dur se, Raaste mein agar paun thak jaaenge
We shall entreat Him ourselves, Should our feet grow weary along the path

Jaise hi sabz gumbad nazar aaega
The moment the green dome becomes visible

Bandagi ka qarina badal jaaega
Slave hood shall manifest itself differently

Sar jhukane ki fursat milegi kise
Who will have respite to bow their heads

Khud hi aankhon se sajde tapak jaaenge
Prostrations, of their own accord, shall trickle from the very eyes

Hum madine mein tanha nikal jaaenge
We will go out in Madina, bereft of familiar company

Aur galiyon mein qasdan bhatak jaaenge
And deliberately lose our way in its streets

Hum vahaan jaake vaapas nahin aaenge
Having reached there, we shall not return

Dhundte dhundte log thak jaaenge
Be it that looking for us, people grow weary

Naam unka jahaan bhi liya jaaega
His name, wheresoever it shall be mentioned

Zikr unka jahaan bhi kiya jaaege
His remembrance, wheresoever it shall be made

Nur hi nur sinon mein bhar jaaega
Light, and yet more light, shall fill up the breasts of those gathered

Saari mehfil mein jalve lapak jaaenge
Spiritual manifestations shall leap out upon the entire gathering

Ae madine ke zaair khuda ke liye
O Visitor of Madina, for God’s sake

Dastaan-e-safar mujh ko yun mat suna
Do not thus share your journey’s narrative

Dil tadap jaaega. Baat badh jaaegi
The heart will grow restless, anxious; the matter shall exceed all bounds

Mere mohtat aansu chhalak jaaenge
My guarded tears shall spill forth

Unki chashm-e-karam ko hai iski khabar
His magnanimous insight is well informed

Kis musafir ko hai kitna shawq-e-safar
As to which traveler harbours how much aspiration for his journey

Hum ko Iqbal jab bhi ijazat mili
Whensoever it may be that we be granted permission, O Iqbal

Hum bhi aaqa ke durbar tak jaaenge
We too shall pay a visit unto the court of the Liege-lord



This naat was rendered to popular acceptance by the Pakistani Qur’an reciter and Naat performer, Qari Waheed Zafar Qasmi, and enjoys a strong emotional attachment all across the Indian subcontinent. The current rendition presents it in a typically Arabic tune of the hijaz mode.

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