Take My Hand


Take My Hand Lyrics

Take my hand, come with me
Take your time, but don’t you see
That your ways, won’t set you free
Take my hand, come with me
Take a look, inside the door
Of my heart, you’ll see for sure
That my love, for you is pure
Take my hand, come with me
I won’t judge, won’t put you down
While you lie, down on the ground
Take your time, I’ll hang around
Take my hand, come with me
I don’t know how I would fare
If your trials, I was to bear
But your burden, do let me share
Take my hand, come with me
Take this hate out of your heart
It’s alright that we’ve grown apart
Let’s give this thing a brand new start
Take my hand, come with me
Turn your anger, your glowing rage
Against yourself, break out of the cage
Write your story, on a brand new page
Take my hand, come with me
I won’t shout, I’ll stay composed
This is where, you need me most
It’s not too late, the door hasn’t closed
Take my hand, come with me
And if i stumble, as I walk with you
I’ll take your hand, oh I’ll come with you
I’ll need your strength, to pull me through
But now take my hand, and now come with me


Nader Khan

A song based on a story cited by Imam Ghazali in his book “Duties of Brotherhood in Islam”, translated into English by Muhtar Holland. The story is of two friends from an ancient Jewish community, and deals with their lifestyle of devotion and worship, how one of them goes astray, and how his friend takes him by the hand, back to his original path.

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