Native Deen

Abdul-Malik Ahmad

Abdul-Malik Ahmad’s Biography

Abdul-Malik Ahmad was born in Connecticut in 1975 but spent most of his life in the Washington, D.C. area where he currently resides with his wife and daughter. He was privately educated until his senior year, after which he attended Georgetown University. During that time, he was heavily involved in writing and producing the music for a series of albums that were produced under MYNA Raps. At the same time, Abdul-Malik was able to visit the Middle East and become fluent in the Arabic language and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arabic from Georgetown University.

He has let his bilingual tongue flow with his musical pen. Abdul Malik’s writing talent is such that one listens enthralled at the merging of the two worlds in which he lives, East and West, Muslim and non-Muslim, and which he brings together seamlessly in his music. He transports the listener from the past to the future and back to the present without effort, transcending even time and space. His songs and rhymes are evidence of his passion for a better society as he masterfully writes about many issues that affect non-Muslims and Muslims alike. His ability to capture an audience like a master story teller with his songs and to produce ear-catching rhythms and sounds in the studio with limited instrumentality has put him in the top tier of Muslim Artists. This talented songwriter, producer, and musician is also a devoted husband and father, who believes in building strong family and community ties.

Hobbies and Interests:

  • Helping with programs that uplift Youth and bring them to a stronger awareness of Islam and how to live an Islamic life while still living and being involved in their society
  • Instructing Youth in Pencak Silat, an Indonesian Muslim Martial Arts in which he has achieved a level equal to a second-degree black belt
  • Graphic designing and web development through his company Kufic Graphics, a multimedia company
  • Working with state of the art sound engineering software to create songs and musical accompaniment as Audio Producer for Native Deen

13 thoughts on “Native Deen”

  1. omg native deen like one day one my sister was lisnening to your music and i ask what are u lisening to she said native deen i ask her if i can lisen so when heard my faith i started sreaming beacuse i loved the beat and the words ishalla allah will bless u thank u asalamwaalaycom[ and i am 9 but i love u

  2. i really like native deen but if you do not use intruments it would be nice because i do not want any sins to fall on you-u can use the duf though

  3. I love native deen. They make me think what to do and what not to do and when you focus on what to do it really helps. I just love you guys may Allah bless u 4 everthing!!!!!!!!!!! Some songs made me cry:) :,)

    Ps im only 12

  4. Music itself isnt haram only wind and string!!!!!!!!! I get the guitar with the trumpets things like that violin even is haram !!!!!!!!!!!!! not drums!!!!!!!!


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