Native Deen

Joshua Salaam

Joshua Salaam’s Biography

Joshua Salaam was born in Camden, New Jersey in 1973. He was raised by a single and devoted mother and has lived in a number of U.S. cities including Kansas City, Missouri, Lombard, Illinois, and Indianapolis, Indiana as his mother worked for a number of Islamic organizations. He currently resides in the Washington D.C. area. Joshua began writing and performing at the early age of 10 at youth camps as a member of MSU (Muslims Steppin Up). By the age of 12, he was a member of and entertaining hundreds of participants of a national Muslim youth group called MYNA or Muslim Youth of North America. These entertainment sessions led Joshua to be on the very first MYNA Raps album in 1992.

A year later, he co-founded a group called Sonz of the Crescent where he recorded and debut the album What’s the Word. In 1998, he had yet another opportunity to work on a collaborative project with many up-and-coming Muslim Rap Artists through a series of albums produced by MYNA Raps leading him to cross paths with a creative songwriter and producer named Abdul-Malik Ahmad. Later on Abdul-Malik, Naeem and himself joined together to form Native Deen. Since then he has toured the U.S. and the world with Native Deen. Not only is Joshua a lyrical genius behind the Mic, combining hardcore, no-nonsense lyrics with old-school Hip-hop, but he is also a talented Conga player in his own right, drumming out beats to compliment his fellow artists. He is an entertainer-at-heart as his fans will bear witness to his numerous stage antics that have them on their feet and often doubled-over from laughter! When Josh is not in the studio or touring with Native Deen, he enjoys teaching and spending time with his two young sons, Musa and Haroon.

Hobbies and Interests:

  • Helping with Youth and Community out-reach programs
  • Playing and coaching in Muslim Basketball/Football leagues
  • Writing songs and raps that will inspire Muslims and give da’wah to the world

13 thoughts on “Native Deen”

  1. omg native deen like one day one my sister was lisnening to your music and i ask what are u lisening to she said native deen i ask her if i can lisen so when heard my faith i started sreaming beacuse i loved the beat and the words ishalla allah will bless u thank u asalamwaalaycom[ and i am 9 but i love u

  2. i really like native deen but if you do not use intruments it would be nice because i do not want any sins to fall on you-u can use the duf though

  3. I love native deen. They make me think what to do and what not to do and when you focus on what to do it really helps. I just love you guys may Allah bless u 4 everthing!!!!!!!!!!! Some songs made me cry:) :,)

    Ps im only 12

  4. Music itself isnt haram only wind and string!!!!!!!!! I get the guitar with the trumpets things like that violin even is haram !!!!!!!!!!!!! not drums!!!!!!!!


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