Native Deen

Naeem Muhammad

Naeem Muhammad’s Biography

Naeem Muhammad was born on June 25, 1975 and grew up on the mean streets of inner city Baltimore (Maryland). He was the third of seven children and his mother’s first child born and raised as a Muslim. Naeem possesses a deep love and a flare for art stemming from his father who was a painter and his mother who attended art classes with baby Naeem in a carrier. He has many fond memories of attending countless art festivals, live music performances, and African cultural events as a child which inspired him to express himself artistically instead of getting caught up in the streets. His mother, however, wanted to nurture more than just his cultural and artistic development, so she enrolled Naeem into the Islamic Community School of Baltimore, a private Muslim parochial school, hoping to plant the seeds of faith deep within his soul.

From fifth grade until graduation, Naeem spent these formative years in Islamic education and community activism. He has been involved with Muslim youth and community work since the age of 13, working with various organizations such as Muslim Youth Council of D.C., AMC (American Muslim Council) and MYNA, where he befriended Abdul Malik and became acquainted with Joshua. He graduated from the Islamic Community School of Baltimore and went on to attend Towson University in Maryland. It was while at college that he formed a Hip-hop group called North Star which started to collaborate with MYNA Raps. Naeem has written and performed a number of songs for the MYNA Raps album series and has had songs featured in the soundtrack by Astrolabe Pictures for their animated movie entitled The Boy and the King.

Naeem’s blend of heart-wrenching melodies and thought-provoking Hip-Hop rhymes coupled with his distinctive strong voice have made him stand out as a unique artist. His lyrics are a testament to his artistic and organic heritage as he sings and flows about spirituality, soul-searching, family, humanity, politics, environment, and everything in between. His passion for educating and uplifting through music is nowhere more evident than onstage where he brings unparalleled Energy, connecting with the audience and commanding their attention. Although Naeem has many fans the world over, his biggest fans are his four baby girls, who live with him in Charles Village, Maryland, along with his wife.

Hobbies and Interests:
Working with relief agencies to assist victims suffering from poverty and natural disasters throughout the world
Snowboarding and Skateboarding (He also assisted in a Muslim snowboarding documentary)
Singing/song-writing/performing, pouring his eclectic collection of life experiences into his music and live stage performances

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  1. omg native deen like one day one my sister was lisnening to your music and i ask what are u lisening to she said native deen i ask her if i can lisen so when heard my faith i started sreaming beacuse i loved the beat and the words ishalla allah will bless u thank u asalamwaalaycom[ and i am 9 but i love u

  2. i really like native deen but if you do not use intruments it would be nice because i do not want any sins to fall on you-u can use the duf though

  3. I love native deen. They make me think what to do and what not to do and when you focus on what to do it really helps. I just love you guys may Allah bless u 4 everthing!!!!!!!!!!! Some songs made me cry:) :,)

    Ps im only 12

  4. Music itself isnt haram only wind and string!!!!!!!!! I get the guitar with the trumpets things like that violin even is haram !!!!!!!!!!!!! not drums!!!!!!!!


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