Ahad – The Story of Bilal


Ahad – The Story of Bilal Lyrics

See, I was born in enslaved, these men they bought and sold me
They found me well-behaved, their reason would control me
This creed, this land, these stones, they had become my master
But doubt lived in my soul, these Gods – they could not answer

But then one day I heard, about this pious man
Who spoke amazing words, I’ll meet him when I can
It all makes sense to me now, I feel my soul revive
I have the true faith inside, there is only one God…


Oh now they’re me dragging me, into this scorching heat!
Endlessly lashing me, they want to see me beat
They place these boulders on me, they try to crush my spirit,
But don’t really know me, I stay so strong and bear it,

They hope and pray I’m weak, na my blood is African
I found the truth I seek, I’ll wont go back again
Unshakable belief, I endure this suffering
My heart will always beat, with one word that flows within


His word was true again, my voice is strongest now
With freedom I ascend, atop this sacred house
I am the chosen one, to call this land to prayer
No mind this native’s tongue, God knows that I’m sincere

My voice will rise the masses, bring light upon their face
So know under the darkest ashes, there is a glowing blaze
There is only one God, lets reignite the flame
This message in my heart, this word my every vein…

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