Hungry Ones


Hungry Ones Lyrics

Somewhere in a place close by, there’s a mother with child with tears in her eyes
Somewhere else there a boy on street with no food there to eat and he trying to survive
Another place theres father of five but he can’t get food cause the bombs in the sky
Somewhere there’s senior now who is all out of food and her car won’t drive

But we take this food were blessed with, and we throw it half away
We see there’s so much wasted, that could help so much today
Cause I know we take for granted, a warm meal, clean cup to drink
This silver plate we’re handed, maybe once we should stop and think

We don’t know where the hungry ones have to go.
We don’t see what hungry ones have to eat
We don’t feel what the hungry ones feel at night
And we don’t hear, when they pray everything’s gonna be alright

Be alright, Be alright,
I’m gonna try to help things be alright.

So that mother she’ll beg on the street to get something to eat, so her baby wont cry
And the kid he will search through the garbage of food we discarded, just to get by
And the father sprints through explosions just to get a loaf and praying he wont die
And the senior walks to a shop, yo for over 10 block in the middle of the night!

So few have our luxury, to have food any kind of way
So many now would love to be, just able to have one meal a day
But we act so wastefully, God knows how our day will end
and how honored their place will be, he hears when they pray to him.
pray to him, pray to him, he hears when they pray to him.


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