My Faith My Voice


My Faith My Voice Lyrics

Me, my community we work hard,
Every opportunity to break walls,
Fighting all the lunacy that they cause,
Respect here, to you and me, the same God.

Giving you the right facts,
We keep repeating that Islam has been hijacked,
We ain’t like that,
Then some lunatic goes on a rampage,
Using violence and I’m outraged

These is senseless, and its gruesome,
Please don’t let this, be a Muslim.
Awww maaan… We’re all vilified,
They’re saying we’re savages, uncivilized

Islam means peace? na thats a front!
Its all a deceit, till they get what want
Dont trust them, even the nice ones
Wait till the bite comes – Mike Tyson

Not fair. The KKKs, Timothy McVeighs,
Militia Brigades, the old crusades,
They’re all renegades, from the faith that you claim,
Its them we should blame
I dont blame you, You should refrain to
Believe when we say that it aint true.

I know what they call us, uh huh
They try to blame all us,
But I know the prophet lived and I know what he taught us

its… my faith, my voice,
its… my faith, my voice,
Don’t care what they say, this is my voice….
my faith, my voice

Come your invited to see the real picture
Nothing hiding, here’s a free scripture
We ain’t gonna hurt you, try to convert you
Just so you know how easily they tricked ya

That all us Muslims are those 19 men
Don’t build that mosque cause it might be them
Its the same kinda talk of a Bin Laden
Get’em – guilt by association

Mosques being vandalized, cats being stabbed at night
The bigots and racist like zombies they come to life
But instead of all the hate, lets join the same team
I love this land, my people, our dream

Go use the same steam, for youth to stay clean
Our earth to stay green, we want the same thing
‘Stead of burning books, extinguish disease
Help spark the flame to help children in need

You will be your faith, I will be mine
Lets live in peace, ma’asalaam
Peace all the time, for all of mankind,
thats on my mind. my masterplan.. check it, yeah
that’s my master plan, that’s my master plan

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