My Lord


Only Fear Allah Lyrics

I don’t know what I’m gonna do
If I don’t stay in touch with you
I know my life will fall apart
If I don’t keep you in my heart
You’ve protected me since I
Can remember and that’s why
I never want to go astray
But its a struggle every day

Oh I love You Oh I love You
I’m always
Thinking of You Thinking of You
‘Cause You’re my Lord

I can feel it right now
While I’m here in my prayers
Even though I don’t see You I know that You’re there
You’ve never let me down though I’ve failed many times
I know I need to get my life right, but I’m running out of time


How long will it take for me to see
That Your love is all I need
When I feel I can’t get by
You are right there by my side


You know I need to stop and give a little thought
And contemplate and think about these blessings that You’ve brought
My Lord, You give a lot, it seems that I’ve forgot
And I’m always getting caught in worldly things I’ve got
But now I’m feeling sure, my love for You is pure
I feel it in my heart and my faith is now restored
I’m seeking your reward and to get Your mercy poured
On this servant that loves You ’cause indeed You are my Lord


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