Only Fear Allah


Only Fear Allah Lyrics

They telling me to stay quiet
Don’t blow the whistle, deny it
They’re threatening me so I hide it
But see right now I have decided…

I only fear my Lord Allah (4x)
Only Allah

There used be a time when I was crazy afraid
To stand for my justice – speak up and be brave,..
Just be quiet and behave, don’t go starting a wave,
The leaders they be cheaters and my people enslaved
Now I’m stronger, awake from a slumber
Injustice no longer, For freedom a hunger
You don’t need to wonder, Imma be the one to
Want to bring a thunder, Gonna bring a thunder

Fight the corruption, spark an eruption
Wont turn a blind eye to all your destruction
And I will never put you higher than my Lord,
With Him is my reward, and with this I’m reassured


I swear by the one who holds my soul.
I fear not these threats that I’ve been told
You may think right now your in control
But Allah knows the things you’ll never know.

As I open this message, mom says is nonsense
To think that this live will be changed by a kid.
Now it is our day, and you know we’re not afraid
With empty hands and open mind, will lead them all
to a better way…

My enemy is chuckling because me knees are buckling
They took all of my weapons so Im just left with my knuckles then
They know that I’m afraid of all the power that they got
And the people on the street that try to speak gonna get shot

We ain’t got a lot, hope for freedom’s all we got
Revolutions can’t be stopped, coming like a juggernaut!
We tried every way, they don’t hear what we say
Allah hears when we pray, peace and justice today

We stand as your equal, power to the people
Commanding what is right and forbidding what is evil
Tempted to run, when they come with them guns
but I’m standing here cause I fear only one


I’m thinking about the people who were so willing to represent, l
Some of them giving their lives, spreading the truth wherever they went
Bringing the freedom to they Land, whatever they do their faith is strong
Keeping in real, never they scared, Only the Lord did they fear

Release from the jaws of this creep and his flaws
policing the laws, my people at loss.
Now deep in our hearts, we keep with the cause
In peace in do I march and we reach for the stars.

Call me a hater, a rebel, a traitor
But every dictator, there is one who is greater
Threatening my friends, my life, my job,
But you know I will not bend, cause I only fear Allah!

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