Our Earth


Our Earth Lyrics

It’s is said in traditions in the past
We’re made from the dust upon the earth
You and I one day we’ll be asked
How each day we treated her

How we are ruining her face, by the trees cut down just out of greed
How we put poison into her veins , we polluted the rivers and the seas
Now she is struggling to breath, the air we’ve spoiled, made a storm
And the fever that I know she feels, our earth heats beyond the norm

Oh how will she receive us, on the day we are laid to rest
Forgive us oh Lord, for what we’ve done to our earth

What have we done to our Earth
When will we open out eyes
And change the way we live our lives
Your Earth, My Earth, Our Earth, Our Earth.
Tierra, Prithvi, Jahan, Ziemia, Bumi Kita, Duniya, Turkish, Zamin, Ardina
(“Our Earth” or “Earth” in Spanish, Bengali/Hindi, Urdu, Polish, Indonesian, Turkish, Persian and Arabic.)

I see her shivering shaking
cause of all of the mess we are making
But I’m feeling my people awaken
And were headed in a new direction

I’ve started to change the things I buy, I’m making adjustments to my place
I know that change It starts inside, recycling, watching what I waste
And now my voice I use to shout, when these companies try wheel and deal,
Every atom’s weight of good will count, to ease pain that she feels

But I feel a wind of change blowing from heaven above
Let’s heal all the wounds and pain we’ve caused to


[chorus – in Zulu]

Naseeha ja’at min nabeena
Alayna an nahmeeha
Azrau shajarah
Takuno Sadaqa
Tajidu Baraka
Aqaluha Ashara

(Advice came from our Prophet
It is important to take care of the earth
Plant a tree, it will be like a charity
You will get reward, at least 10 times fold.)


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