Ya Taybah


Ya Taybah Lyrics

I’m living in America now
Got that Muslim American Style
But my heart is with the city of Prophet, gettin’ to Medinah some how

Will I make it? I really don’t know
I made my niyyah to go
Its in my plan if its in the Plan of Allah then He will make it so

Ya Tayba, Ya Tayba
Ya Taiba Ya Taiba Ya Dawal Aiyyaana
Shtiknaa Lak Wilhawana Daana

Oh Tayba, Oh Tayba (another name for the city of Madinah)
Oh cure of the patient
We miss you, and our passion to visit you has called us to you

Last Messenger of Allah
Send peace and blessing on him now
At least once in my life I’m gonna get to Medinah somehow
When I make it, I’m gonna pray close
Thank Allah for the Prophet that He chose
For the Book of Guidance when I recite it the love in my heart grows


I believe that the days gonna come
Mecca and Medinah, I’ll be looking upon
Its the place where I really feel safe so I race to the blessings I wanna get some

Stack ‘em up till they reach to the sky
Holding tears ’cause I don’t wanna cry
So many years I been trying to get year and I ‘aint gonna stop its a must that I try

This city of Medinah is blessed
Emanating light all the way to the west
You know we do what he did and we say what he said ’cause we know that his way is the best

Focusing on his life is the key
Learning all about his qualities
He was honest, loving, showed compassion and that how I wanna be


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6 thoughts on “Ya Taybah”

    • If you listen to the story of the guy in the beginning of the video, you’ll understand. He found faith, and his job is related to dance (he said bboy) so with the money he get with dancing, he wants to go to Medina.
      I think thats kinda cool. Everything can guide you to Allah if you use it well :)


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