All For You


All For You Lyrics

My prayers, my breath, my life and my death are all for you
None but you, only you, ya Allah
Every second I live, every penny I give
Is just for you
Every breathe I breath, every trace I leave
Is just for youIn all my fears, in all my tears
I’m callin’ you
In all my shame, in all my pain
I’m callin’ you

Through the night I pray, and I’m seeking your way
And it’s just for you

When I shed a tear, I know you’re near
And it’s just for you

Hayaty wa mawty wa ruhy wa dammi ilayka ya Rabi
Anabtu ilayk laja’tu ilayk, ya Allah

My life and my death, my soul and my blood
They’re all for you my Lord
I turn to You, I submit to You, my Lord

English Nasheed Information:
Band: Noor Group
Album: All For You

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35 thoughts on “All For You”

  1. this song id one peng song…my friend made me lisen to this n it reminds me of him soooo much…i love him soo much just pray he becomes mine on day..PLEASE… xXx

  2. this nasheed is really great! i thank ma friends anisa and saba for telling me about thhis nasheed! it makes everyone smile! noor are great

  3. Salam

    This a beautiful nasheed mashallah and the lyrics are really nice and they are really true you do everything so that you can please allah inshallah


  4. As- Salaam,
    Masa’allah this nasheed is absolutely beautiful, i love it and no matter how many times i listen to it i never get bored!!
    keep up the great work!!

  5. As- Salaam,
    i love noor they are great!! there nasheeds are awesome!! no matter how many times i listen to their nasheeds i never get bored!!
    Keep up the great work!!!!


  6. Hi,

    I’m not Islamic, but this song is just very pretty. I’m from a West-European country, the Netherlands, and my whole family is Dutch, so there is no Islamic/Arabic influence in my family.
    I was just surfing on Google and came out at an MySpace page. The same user has posted here an comment: MHD_MUS.

    It just came by, and I loved it. The instruments sounds good. Where I live there is almost nothing like this.

    Now one question: What is an nasheed?

    Marco (The Netherlands, Holland)

  7. i really like this nasheed. its really nice. the first time i heard it was when a bunch of 1st graders in my school ( i go to islamic school ) were singing it.

  8. Mashallah Subhanallah
    Ya allah please lead all my islamic brothers and sisters like this
    ya allah inshallah on the day please make a place for all my brothers and sisters in islam a place in paradise
    ya allah protect us from the evils
    Ya allah help us to bring glory back into are lives.

    Ameen Summa Ameen

    Mashallah im a 13 year old lass names Miishaa
    Takeing Private Corses Inshallah Going To Become A NaatKhawn Inshallah Please I Need Prayers From All Please
    And ThankYooh Noor Group I Learned Alot From Your Naats I Picked On The Pornouces

    Allah Hafiz
    Muslim Brothers And Sisters

    Pakistan ,, Ziindaabaadd !!!!


  9. Heyy Macro

    Just Pasiin By Nd Answeriing Ya Question Hope This helps
    a nasheed is what the islamic people call a song we beleive it has more respect for it ……

    Take Care

  10. As salam alikum to all . I think this nasheed is the best I have ever heard , and I really appreciate the way they sing , nice job , but brothers pleeeeease stop criticising, like using less musical instruments or a weird one : dont use instruments at all , come on guys ,this is not the time to talk about these things ,
    was salaam ,


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