All For You Lyrics

My prayers, my breath, my life and my death are all for you
None but you, only you, ya Allah
Every second I live, every penny I give
Is just for you
Every breathe I breath, every trace I leave
Is just for youIn all my fears, in all my tears
I’m callin’ you
In all my shame, in all my pain
I’m callin’ you

Through the night I pray, and I’m seeking your way
And it’s just for you

When I shed a tear, I know you’re near
And it’s just for you

Hayaty wa mawty wa ruhy wa dammi ilayka ya Rabi
Anabtu ilayk laja’tu ilayk, ya Allah

My life and my death, my soul and my blood
They’re all for you my Lord
I turn to You, I submit to You, my Lord

English Nasheed Information:
Band: Noor Group
Album: All For You


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