Beautiful World


Beautiful World Lyrics

I’ll follow where the wind blows
Find the ends of colored rainbows
Catch the rays of golden sunshine
Breaking through the cotton clouds

Cuz I’m a traveler in this world
Gonna follow my heart through


Gonna cross the seven seas
Gonna taste the ocean breeze
Gonna stay the course on my journey through

Gonna climb the evergreens
Gonna make a bed of leaves
Gonna stay the course on my journey through
This beautiful world
I’ll find from where the stream flows
To the tops of peaks where nothing grows
Cross the rolling plains of waving gold
To the endless waves of rolling blue

Cuz I’m a traveller in this world
Gonna follow my heart through


Somewhere I will find
In its beauty are the signs
This world we live in
This air we’re breathin’
Now I believe in
The One creatin’

This beautiful world

Track: Beautiful World
Album: A New Day Begins
Artist: NOOR

Happy Earth Day from NOOR!!

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