Al-Wahid – The Only One

Leave Me alone to deal with him whom I have created alone…
Al-Muddaththir 74:11, tr. Asad
That voice which is the origin of every cry and sound:
that indeed is the only voice, and the rest are only echoes.
Rumi, Mathnawi I:2107, tr. Helminski


Al-Ahad – The One

Say: He is Allah, the One.
He is Allah, the Eternal,
Al-Ikhlas 112:1-2, tr. Helminski
What does it mean to learn the knowledge of God’s Unity?
To consume yourself in the presence of the One.
If you wish to shine like day,
burn up the night of self-existence.
Dissolve in the Being who is everything.
you grabbed hold of “I” and “we,”
and this dualism is your ruin.
Rumi, Mathnawi I:3009-3012, tr. Helminski

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Al-Wahid - The Only One | Al-Ahad - The One

by Syed Mehdi
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