Un Ki Mehak Ne Dil Ke Ghunchey Khila Diye Hain


Unki Mahek Nay Dil Ke Lyrics with English Translation

Unki Mahek Ne Dil Kay Ghunchey Khila Diye Hain,
Jis Raah Chal Diye Hain, Koochey Basa Diye Hain.
His Fragrance Has Caused the Buds of My Heart to Blossom,
Whichever Road He Has Travelled, He Has Brought it to Life!

Ik Dil Hamara Kya Hai, Aazaar Uska Kitna,
Tum Ne to Chaltey Phirtey, Murdey Jila Diye Hain.
What is My Heart Alone?–however Much its Harm
You Have Brought Back to Life the Living Dead!

Unkay Nisar Koi, Kaisey Hi Runj Mein Ho,
Jab Yaad Aa Gaye Hain, Sab Gham Bhula Diye Hain.
May I Die for Him! However Much Sorrow Someone is in,
When He is Remembered, All One’s Sorrows Are Forgotten!

Asra Mein Guzrey Jis Dam Berey Pe Qudsiyon Ke,
Hone Lagi Salaami, Parchum Jhuka Diye Hain.
During the Ascension When He Passed the Angelic Hosts,
They Began to Salute Him and Lowered Their Flags!

Jab Aa Gayin Hai Josh E Rehmat Pe Unki Ankhen,
Jalte Bujha Diye Hain, Rote Hansa Diye Hain.
When His Eyes Have Surged Forth, Ocean-like, with Mercy,
They Have Extinguished Those on Fire, Brought Smiles to Those in Tears.

Mere Karim Se Gar Qatra Kisi Ne Maanga,
Dariya Baha Diye Hain, Durbe Baha Diye Hain.
If Someone Has Asked A Mere Drop From My Gracious Master,
He Has Given Him Rivers in Return, Whole Oceans Instead!

Allah Re Kya Jahannam Ab Bhi Na Sard Hoga,
Ro, Ro Ke Mustafa Ne, Dariya Baha Diye Hain.
Allah! Have the Fires of Gehenna Still Not Frozen Over?
Beloved Mustafa Has Wept Oceans of Tears!

Mulk E Sukhn Ki Shahi Tum Ko Raza Musallam,
Jis Simt Aa Gaye Hain, Sikke Bitha Diye Hain.
Congratulations on Being Crowned King of Verse, Raza!
Wherever You Have Gone, Coins Have Been Struck in Your Name!


Hum Se Faqir Bhi Ab Pheri Ko Uthte Hongey,
Ab to Ghani Ke Dar Par, Bistar Jama Diye Hain.
Now Even Mendicants Hope to Obtain Something From Us,
Since We Have Lain Our Matresses At the Door of That Generous One!

Aaney Do Ya Dubo Do Ab to Tumhari Janib,
Kashti Tum Hi Pe Chori, Langar Utha Diye Hain.
Whether You Let Me Cross Or Not, it is Now Up to Your Pleasure,
I Have Left My Ship in Your Hands, Have Lifted the Anchor!

Dulha Se Itna Kehdo Pyarey Sawari Roko,
Mushkil Mein Hain Baraati, Purkhar Laa Diye Hain.
Say this Much to the Bridegroom: Beloved, Halt Your Steed Awhile,
the Wedding Guests Are in Difficulty–their Way Strewn with Thorns!

Na’at Information:

Na’at Reciter: Owais Raza Qadri

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