Freedom Ain’t Free (feat. Nano Omar)


Freedom Ain’t Free Lyrics

By: Raef feat. Nano Omar

All I own, my whole life
Is worth nothing if I’m not free
I will fight tyranny
I’ll break the shackles holding me
If we can reach the stars above, even though they seem so far
We’ll change the world, we’ll overcome, revolution starts with me

In the face of evil, the way of danger, yeah
I will be strong
Yeah the storm clouds are coming, and no we ain’t running
Yeah, we’ll fight on!
And I will say

Ohh ohh ohh ohh
Freedom ain’t free
And I will say ohh ohh ohh ohh
I’ll fight for you and me
And I will say ohh ohh ohh ohh
God made me free
And I will say ohh ohh ohh ohh
Ain’t nobody gonna take that from me

If we stay silent
We’ll see injustice spreading wide
When freedom calls, I’ll be there
Stand by my side it’s our time to fly
I’ll stand my ground till my voice is found
It’s either death or liberty
O Lord above, give us strength
And grant us victory!



God made me free
So who’s gon’ stop me ?
I’d give my wealth, my life
‘Cause it’s my destiny
I was born a fighter
Come on let’s stand together
Make the world better
Pray for sunny weather

It’s time to let go
Of your inner ego
Stand by my side my brothers
Come on and let’s go
To a higher ground
Where peace and love is found
Storms are rolling, we’re coming
We ain’t gon’ back down!

Album: The Path
Lyrics: Raef, Bara Kherigi & Nano Omar
Melody & Arrangement: Maher Zain
Video by: Abdulrahman El Abyad

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