No One Knows But Me


No One Knows But Me Lyrics

By: Raef

Waterfall, water down,
Wash away that guilty frown
Falling rain, rising sun,
So many things to get done
I am done, it’s your turn
I’m getting old, no time to burn

And no one knows but me, the power that I see
And everybody thinks that I’ve gone crazy
And no one knows but me, just thinking of what could be
And everybody thinks they’re the one…but me

Rise up strong! What you’ll see
Oh, is this real or imaginary?
Shining bright, the night has come
The better life has not yet begun
Here we are, lessons learned
I am done, now it’s your turn!


People think that I’m alone, but I feel close to You
They don’t see that I can love, but I know You do
No one knows just how I feel, only You see through to my heart


Hands raised high, only You can see
For no one knows…but You and me

Album: The Path
Lyrics: Raef & Omar Nawaz Khan
Melody: Raef & Maher Zain
Arrangement: Maher Zain
Videy by: Abdulrahman El Abyad

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