Ala Bi Dhikrika


Ala Bi Dhikrika Lyrics (Your Remembrance) (ألا بذكرك)

ألا بذكر الله

ألا بذكرِكَ قلبي يطمئنُّ وهلْ
بغيرِ ذكرِكَ قلبُ المرءِ يرتاحُ
فأنتَ مُبدعُ هذا الكونِ أجْمَعِهِ وأنتَ خالقُ منْ جاؤا ومنْ راحوا
وأولٌ أنتَ قَبلَ القَبلِ منْ أزلٍ بالكافِ والنونِ يارباهُ فتّاحُ
ونورُ وجهِكَ بعدَ البَعدِ في أبدٍ يبقى جليلاً كريماً وهو وَضّاحُ

Without doubt, it is in Your remembrance
that my heart finds tranquility
and does a person’s heart find rest except
in Your remembrance?

For You are The Creator of the entire universe,
and You are The Creator of all those who have been
here and all those who have departed.

You are Light upon Light, to Whom go down in
their prostration of love bodies and souls.

For You are The First, before all befores,
in the whole creation;
the Opener of all with the Kaf and Noon letters.

And the Light of Your Face, after all afters,
till Eternity,
foreever remains Sublime and Generous,
whilst always Brilliant.

Most Compassionate, Merciful, Bestower of Blessings
Generous, The Source of Peace, All-Knowing
Most Glorious.
There is no god except ALLAH.

Forgiver, Most Beautiful, The Giver of all
Gentle, Accepter of Repentance, All-Hearing
There is no god except Him.

Unique, The Omnipotent, The Giver of Life,
The Taker of Life, The Manifest One, The Hidden One
The All-Rich.
There is no god except ALLAH.

There is no god except ALLAH!

Music by Sami Yusuf
Poetry by Dr Shihab Ghanem
Published by Resonance Music.
Produced by ETM International. Copyright of ETM International. All Right Reserved.

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