Let Us Not Forget


Let Us Not Forget Lyrics

By: Sami Yusuf & Seyyed Hossein Nasr

Let us not forget who we are, whence we came, where we shall go;
Let us not forget that pre-eternal day when we bore witness,
Bore witness to His Lordship with a resounding yea,
Which does still echo under the vaults of the celestial realm.

Let us not forget the intimacy of the Beloved’s embrace,
The warmth of Her bosom when we in union were.
We have now fallen and forgotten who we are,
Wandering on earth with no compass in hand.

But we can remember, so let us not forget.
Let us not forget that although cast in this lowly world,
Although blinded by veils of neglect and heedlessness,
Although forgetfulness our second nature has become,
We are placed here on earth to remember and can remember.

Let us not forget then to remember our Origin and End,
To remember who we really are as we make this journey of earthly life.

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