Mast Qalandar


Mast Qalandar Lyrics – Sami Yusuf ft. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Dam mast Qalandar mast mast
The drunk Qalandar*, in his drunken state**

Iko vird hai dam dam Ali Ali
(Has) Only one chant – Ali, in every breath

Sakhi Lal Qalandar mast mast
The generous red-robed Qalandar, in his drunken state (a reference to the  12thcentury sufi saint Lal Shahbaz Qalandar)

Jhoole Lal Qalandar mast mast
(Another reference to Lal Shahbaz Qalandar)

Akhi ja malanga tu Ali Ali Ali akhi ja malanga
Oh my brother, keep saying Ali, Ali, Ali; keep on saying

Akhi ja malanga sach ape mun len ge
Oh my brother, Go on saying, they will (themselves) accept the truth

Aj ne te kal saray Ali Ali can ge
If not today then tomorrow everyone will repeat Ali, Ali

Rab ne kinne shaan banaye
God has blessed countless (people)

Be karma Te karm kamaye
He has even blessed the wretched

Jeda vi Tere dar Te Aaye
Whoever comes to your doorstep

O na kaddivi khaali jaye
Never returns empty-handed

Shana uchiyaan teria Peera
Oh teacher (referring to Ali) with lofty grace

Hovan door haneriyaan Peera
May the darkness (within me) be purged, Oh teacher

Aasan he ba teriya Peera
I have pinned my (very many) hopes in you, Oh teacher

Soon arzaa aj meeriya Peera
Grant my requests today, Oh teacher

Commentary: This song, which has been popular in the Indian subcontinent for centuries, is based on a poem by the Chishti Sufi and musical genius, Amir Khusro, which was later modified by the great Panjabi Sufi poet Bulleh Shah. The song’s lyrics honor and revere (but do not worship) ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib, to whom virtually all Sufi orders trace their lineage, as well as the famous 12th century Sufi saint of Sindh, Lal Shahbaz Qalandar.

*A Qalandar is a type of wandering Sufi or dervish who would often live in the wilderness and wear tattered clothes.
Lal Shahbaz Qalandar was one such Sufi.

**Drunkenness here refers not to intoxication from alcohol, but to the ecstatic state of remembrance of God.
As the famous verse of the Egyptian Sufi poet Ibn al-Farid says:
“In remembrance of the beloved, we drank wine;
we were drunk with it even before the creation of the vine

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2 thoughts on “Mast Qalandar”

  1. Nazar Karam Di Pavi Sayyan
    Beriyan Banne Dhaavi Sayyan
    Bhool Na Kidrey Jaawi Sayyan
    Laiyaan Tod Nibhaavi Sayyan

    What does it mean in Mast Qalandar lyrics?

  2. Nazar means View or Eye
    Karam means Blessing
    Saiyyan means Beloved

    Nazar Karam Di Paavi Saaiyyan
    O beloved take a view of blessing (on us). ….(1)

    Ber means Bair, or hurted feeling by someone’s action
    So bairiyaan will literally means To ignore someone

    Banna means the another who is describing this beloved

    Dhaa means to destroy or prevent
    Dhaavi will means then to remove

    Bairiyan Banne Dhaavi Saaiyyaan…
    Please don’t neglect (my sorrow) O beloved… (2)

    Bhool means forget

    Bhool na kidar Ey jaawi saaiyyan
    Don’t forget me (in your blessings) o beloved.. (3)

    Layi means relation or relationship which is pure with one who we expect something good to be resulted

    Nibhaa means to accept and go with that

    Laiyyan Tod Nibhaavi Saaiyyan
    Breakup Relationship (I Don’t Want to Follow) O Beloved.


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