My Only Wish (interlude)


My Only Wish (interlude) Lyrics

All your armies, all your fighters
All your tanks, and all your soldiers
Against a boy holding a stone
Standing there all alone
In his eyes I see the sun
In his smile I see the moon
And I wonder, I only wonder
Who is weak, and who is strong?
Who is right, and who is wrong?
And I wish, I only wish
That the truth has a tongue

Lyrics Information:

Artist: Sami Yusuf
Album: Without You
Year: 2009
Words: Qasem Qasem
Performed by: Musarrat Karim
Copyright: Awakening Worldwide Limited

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6 thoughts on “My Only Wish (interlude)”

  1. salam…this is a FAKE song from the FAKE album “Without You”…please don’t listen to it…that’s what sami yusuf wants

  2. W/salam
    hey this may be a fake or real album but at the end of the day the word are the things that count in this albumb there are alot of words which teach other muslims as weell as non-muslim although i myself am a very very big fan of sami yusuf i stronglyy beleive that this albumb should not be out with out his permission however regardless of what sami yusuf wants these words/ etc should be heard all around the globe therefore i insist everyone to hear the words this is how islam is going to spread around the world.
    (Ps): please do not feel that i have gone against your words thank you (this is only my point of view/comment)

    mashallah x


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