Not In My Name


Not In My Name Lyrics

Is it not enough what you’ve done?
With all the bloodshed you’ve caused
Yet your greed drives you on
In your brutal race for acquisition
No land is left untouched
Driven by a vile ambition
To have the whole world in your clutch
Every single new addition
To your slave colony
Does nothing to dull your ambition
To leave no nation free
It is indeed a sad condition that you suffer from
This itching desire for a prime position
To have all under your thumb

Not in my name will you fight
Not in my name will you kill
Not in my name will you burn a child
Not in my name will you lie
Not in my name will you invade
Not in my name will you rape
Not in my name will you terrorise
Not in my name will you lie

I warn it’s time to take heed
One day you’ll find yourself pursued
By every person you’ve made bleed
You thought they’d been subdued
You were wrong
You were wrong
They’ve been freed
They’ve been freed

Against your evil methods of violence and intimidation
Against your hijacking and misinterpretation
Of my peaceful faith and revelation
I shout with billions in this demonstration

Not in my name will you fight
Not in my name will you kill
Not in my name will you burn a child
Not in my name will you lie
Not in my name will you invade
Not in my name will you rape
Not in our name
Will you dare to speak again
Not in our name

Lyrics Information:

Artist: Sami Yusuf
Album: Without You
Year: 2009
Lyrics: Intissar, Bara Kherigi and Sami Yusuf
Composition: Sami Yusuf
Copyright: Awakening Worldwide Limited

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13 thoughts on “Not In My Name”

  1. Thought you would understand this…
    How can you consider it right
    To police women day and night?
    And deny them every right
    To their own heart’s sight
    About what is wrong and right
    Do you have a fright?
    This is not the Prophet’s way
    Doesn’t matter what you say
    You are nothing but astray
    To make your women live this way.
    Hazreti Omar was quite upset
    To hear of his daughter’s dialect
    His mind set to break her habit
    But the Prophet would not have it.
    Encouraging women to have their say
    Is how to walk the Prophet’s way
    For you I can only pray
    As no doubt brother (?) you are astray
    To police women day and night
    And deny them every right
    To not access or value their sight
    Would be such a fright
    In the Prophet’s sight
    You would NOT be right!
    How can you feel rightly guided?
    Do you not know how the Prophet sided?
    He established chastity without causing tragedy
    His believers fought in self-defence
    Praying was their preference
    Even non believers had his respect
    Because he would not neglect
    To hear every side’s view about what to do
    Your version of patriarchy is flawed
    And needs to be outlawed
    As in the Prophet’s time it is still a crime
    To cause duress and oppress
    How can you consider it right
    You must be lacking sight
    To live so different than the light
    Who never raised his sword in fight.
    The Prophet converted with the Word
    To strike a women he thought absurd
    He never acted as an OverLord
    As only compassion poured
    You are not right to cause such fright
    Shame on you Taliban Terrorizing Afghanistan
    You should atone day and night
    And never again lose sight
    That the Prophet’s real fight was to liberate
    Today’s Taliban he would obliterate
    STOP your harem and Renew your Islam
    Your women have suffered way too long
    For all that YOU DID & THOUGHT WRONG

  2. Or this one?
    Dear brother Taliban
    Why hurt Afghanistan?
    What do you seek as you prey on the weak?
    Were you not once seekers of Allah?
    What happened to your dear Mullah?
    Did he lose sight of the way?
    If the Prophet were here today
    I’m sure that he would pray
    Today’s Taliban would be a bust
    A regime so fearing lust
    Making all women run at the point of a gun
    Would be undone and you would be on the run
    Though you feel you are right
    You are not living the light
    Causing so much fright is simply not right.
    Never did the Prophet stand
    Before a woman with raised hand
    Nor did he rule his land with constant reprimand
    He would not like your plan
    He was spirit, fully lit
    No need to take a fit
    With his wife he would sit and decide what is a hit
    Together they would agree in full mutuality
    Why hurt Afghanistan brother Taliban?
    Can you no longer seek?
    Are you now too weak?
    Is your heart so full of rust
    That you only think of lust
    Your regime should be a bust
    To you it should be a must
    To get the burqas you’ve imposed
    And live in them a while transposed
    In a cave very far away
    Where you will not be so astray
    Maybe you can learn to pray
    And admit your disgrace
    As there is no trace
    Of the Prophet’s way
    In what you say
    If you really want to live Islam
    You need to stop all your harem
    Beg forgiveness all day long
    An ever repenting song
    For all your wrong
    Done way too long
    Judgement day will soon be here
    Then it is YOU who will be all fear
    If you continue to ravish the land
    Throughout Afghanistan
    When did you become such a freak?
    Did you not once seek?
    How did you become so meek
    That you now prey on the weak?

  3. One in four is hard to ignore
    Please try to see it as much more
    All the different colors and races
    So many different faces
    Many wear veils
    Others hijab conceals
    The Ones in Burqas do not represent
    The majority who are present
    By the Taliban they are coerced
    To wear a Burqa like a hearst.
    Most Muslims will agree
    Today’s Taliban do not see
    Muslims are not all the same
    The sincere ones are so tame
    Others knowledge is quite lame
    No two Muslims are the same
    The measure of a Muslim is righteousness
    There is no room for lavishness
    Like a magnet to good deeds
    A Muslim plants his goodwill seeds
    While tending his own weeds
    And meeting his family’s needs
    Prayer hard wires the path
    Ever fearing Allah’s wrath
    All his life he does his math
    What others think he need not care
    He always tries to be fair
    He is sure it’s what he must do
    As he knows there is no two
    A sincere Muslim cannot hate
    He knows only that Allah is great
    So naturally he accepts his fate
    There is no killing; All is God willing
    For self defence prayer is preference
    Islam’s Prophet established monogamy
    Thou many insist you only see
    His very limited polygamy
    His believers endured thirteen years of abuse
    Before his army was set loose
    With strict rules of engagement as their noose
    There was minimal cost in total lives lost
    He was no OverLord to his nation
    He was the Best of Creation
    No words are more repeated
    Than his final beseeching
    Take another look At his Mighty Book
    Clean your heart and make a fresh start
    Make no mistake, the path is not fake
    You need to do more than just take
    For Allah’s sake, you need to navigate
    Through a nine eleven sea of hate
    From those that are too late
    Or only wish to take

  4. Dear brother Patriarch
    Why don’t you help your wife get by in life?
    You consider her weak yet constantly seek
    Your comforts through her
    You consider her weak yet never seek
    To provide comfort to her
    Busy being a rooster you forget to boost her
    With a presumed maturity
    You lose all cordiality
    You need to provide more than finance
    So stop your patriarchal prance
    And learn to dance a real romance
    Do not let her burn with so little return
    Just because she so adores
    Don’t leave her all the chores
    The Prophet lived to liberate
    Never would he dominate
    He was not off to the side or trying to hide
    They had their talks as he darned his socks
    He was an active daddy, even playing caddy
    Children climbed on him when he prayed
    Never did he reprimand as they played
    You think that you are better than him
    You can command your wife on a whim
    Why do you completely ignore her plight
    And accuse her of not having sight
    Do you think you’re always right
    Thinking you have a life
    As you burden your wife
    Why not deal with her emotion
    Despite the commotion
    It is the potion of marital bliss
    So why do you want to miss
    Your wife’s hungry kiss?
    Patriarchy kills desire and robs her of her fire
    She’s way too tired; the kids always wired
    They need so much more than being sired
    I pray you stop the neglect
    And learn how to respect
    You wife needs comfort too
    And it is meant to come from you
    You are a garment to each other
    So you should make it your bother
    Do you doubt she can do more than pout?
    Why not try a different route?
    Loosen the patriarchal noose around her neck
    And get ready for much more neck and peck
    She’ll want no other rooster
    And you’ll do more than boost her
    Marriage sublime if you make the time
    To show you care by being fair
    Help as family and she will feel
    Some foreign desire to strip and peel…

  5. Dear sister Patriarch
    Do you really think it’s so fine
    How you enable all to dine
    Isn’t it so unnerving
    Always alone serving
    Are you conditioned to be so nice
    That you accept any boy’s vice
    Without thinking or giving advice
    I don’t know why you do not seek more
    But I know it in my core
    The Prophet’s wives did not live this way
    He wanted to hear what they had to say
    I remain on the brink of divorce
    Because there is no way to force
    My husband to see
    Patriarchy is not for me
    It’s not easy with examples like you
    But I heard it from many to be true
    You believe you are serving Allah
    You must of heard that from some Mullah
    But it’s not the Prophet’s way
    For women to live without a say
    Sure we can all cook clean and f—
    But doesn’t that only make us stuck
    In the mud of society’s view
    Instead of part of the Prophet’s crew?
    As part of the Prophet’s tree
    You should be free
    He came and suffered great to liberate us
    Do you not trust beyond your husband’s lust?
    How do you keep your desire
    How do you not lose your fire
    Do your tired feet land at his command
    As he takes you, do you really want to play
    Or is it just another task
    For which you need a mask
    Are you being a fake as you let him take
    Or do you just accept this as life
    Since becoming a wife?
    Conditioned to believe there is no more
    Do you not still feel your core?
    Ignoring your heart’s advice is such a heavy price
    You should really think twice
    Patriarchy is abnormal
    No need to be so formal
    It does more harm than good
    And it is not how the Prophet stood
    Patriarchy can never satisfy all
    The Prophet never walked so tall
    You are by now so very strong
    For having endured so much for so long
    Now embrace Islam’s Prophet reality
    And demand to be free
    How can you not resist Ceasing to exist?

  6. Sorry if I’ve bombarded you…I”ve wanted to share these poems for months but this is the first time I thought I really should. It’s so sad and frustrating that Islam is so misrepresented by Muslims and Non-Muslims alike …please give me your honest feedback on my poetry or none.
    Allahsmaladik (probably misspelled but hopefully it’s understood to mean that I leave you in the hands of Allah, where we all are at all times whether we realize it or not).
    May Allah bless and reward your sincerity and show us all the path to greater righteousness.
    All praise belongs to Allah.


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