Silent Words


Silent Words Lyrics

Beyond the lines of no man’s land
Time stands still
My voice is weak, but far away, I softly speak
In silent words, on folded knees

With silent words we call the night
To bring you sleep & dry your eyes
To bring you dreams & free your minds
When every hope has gone, we hold on
With silent words we’ll ask the dawn
To chase your fears when nights are long
A million voices in to one
When every hope has gone
We echo all night through
With silent words we are with you

With every tear you cry, we’ll comfort you
Standing by your side, as one with you
You can find us, deep in the silence
carried in the soft winds passing through
We’ll be your shadow, today and tomorrow
There to follow everything you do

الهي ادخل السرور
Lord bring hapiness
Illahi adkhil asurroor

ياربِ اسعد القلوب
And cheer the hearts
Wa as3id al-quloob

الهي خفف الآلام
Lord, alleviate the pain
Illahi khafif al-alaam

من لسورية سواك؟
Who can save Syria other than You?
Man li-sooriyya siwaak?

من يحيي بسمةَ الحزين؟
Who can restore the smile of the dipressed?
Mann yu7yyi basmatal-7azeen?

من يُنسي أنّةَ المسكين؟
Who can soothe (alleviate) the soreness of the poor?
Mann yunsi annatal-miskeen?

من يمسح دمعَ اليتيم؟
Who can wipe the tear of an orphan?
Mann yamsa7 dam3al-yateem?

أبكي بصمتٍ وأنين
Silently, I cry and moan
Abki bi-ssamtin wa aneen

عن شيخ، شاب ويتيم
An old man, a young man and an orphan
3an shaiyykhin, shaaban wa yateem

عنكِ يا…آه سوريا
About you … Ah Syria
3anki ya…ah sooriyya

Music by Sami Yusuf
Words by Will Knox
Produced by Sami Yusuf
Recorded and Mixed at Andante Studios

Published by Resonance Music
Copyright of ETM International
Sponsored by Spiritique Foundation

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12 thoughts on “Silent Words”

  1. There is no reference to Assad, the devil, and his murderous regime as the sole killer of the Syrian children and innocent civilians. We are fed up with words; we need actions!

    • the civilians?
      You mean Takfiris who came from allover the muslim world except SYRIA and kill the people of SYRIA with their animal behaviour.
      I hope that the devil kill all of these takfiris

  2. it is an amazing song .. I like it , But it is not showing the cause of all children pains . it did not show the bad effects of Assad regime and his own Shabiha. but still silent words from the world better than no action

  3. I hope that every body who mentioned the evelish acts of assad, also tell a little words about the terrorist activities of al-khalifa and other followers of these zionist muslims, too.
    I fear also this silent words put a cover onto these activities and just make the takfiri happy, while all people in syria suffers from these evils that named themselves muslim.

  4. I’m just agree with sill,
    Why no one talk about Bahrain revolution and demonstration in saudia and also the behaviour which Al-khalifa do against them?why saudi arabia fund the terrorist activities in Iraq and syria?
    If assad is a devil so Al-khalifa are too.
    And one other thing , why all of muslims think they are enemies of each other and forget Israeil and it’s acts?

  5. Israel is beyond all problems around Islamic lands, what do you think?
    When Egypt is weak, when Syria fights with Al-qaida…What a pity!!!

  6. And still no song from Sami for Iraq. I know it is not required frmo him, but one for Palestine, other for Syria, and I am guessing nothing for Iraq just because it has shiaa. I am not requesting him to make one, I am just surprised why that. Anyway. May Allah almighty bring joy andhappiness to our Syrian brothers and sisters and return them to their land of memories, friends, their land of their traditions, their glorious land of every pure Syrian


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