Terengganu Lyrics

By: Sami Yusuf & Seyyed Hossein Nasr

The Word of Allah echoes in this Pacific clime
Far away from the austere mountain of Hira,
Yet, Its power remains, Its resonance firm
As It penetrates the soul of this gentle people,
Bearers of Its message in this land far away.

The Word is burned into the substance of their souls,
Emanating as golden light appearing as threads,
Weaving in songkets patterns that allude
To that magic beauty that to Heaven belongs.
Forms in flora in symmetry bound
In a geometry that feeds the inner eye
In colors, in theopanies that remold the soul
With majestic Quranic verses the unifying crown.

How far we wander away from our abode
To be recalled by the Word and Its distant echoes
In this fleeting journey of life, of His Presence,
Reflected in tile patterns of the Alhambra and Seville,
As well as in the songkets of Terengganu and the nearby.
From East to West the Light of His Word does shine,
For It issues from that central Pole Divine,
Which is neither to the East nor the West confined,
And yet both East and West in Its Light unites.

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